How Do I Delete Search Suggestions On Twitter?

Every day, millions of users use the Twitter app. There is no better application than Twitter if you want to stay current on everything.

On Twitter, it is unquestionably feasible to see things you do not want or shouldn’t see. The application is chock full of both intriguing and odd material.

We can only suggest that you occasionally delete your search history and suggested searches because we do not know what you look for on Twitter.

Why should You delete your Twitter searches?

It should be the top thing on your to-do list if you’re one of the millions of Twitter users who frequently leave their phones unattended. Delete your search history as soon as possible. Even if you aren’t obsessed with anything wrong, it makes you appear bad. 

Additionally, when curating your stream, Twitter greatly considers your search queries. As a result, you ought to consider erasing searches if you feel like you could benefit from a fresh start.

How to delete Twitter search suggestions?

It is, without a doubt, possible to view things on Twitter that you do not want to or shouldn’t see. The application is filled with both interesting and strange content.

Since we have no idea what you search for on Twitter, we’ll only propose that you sometimes remove your search history and search suggestions.

That won’t hurt anybody, for sure. It only takes a few seconds. We can assist you if you are unsure how to do that. To learn how to delete Twitter search suggestions, continue reading.

How to delete search suggestions on Twitter on a desktop?

You might be a regular user and have a common search suggestion to stay current. However, if you see the same kind of information in your feed on daily scrolling, this is possible because of your existing search suggestion based on your search history.

So, when opening your Twitter account on your Desktop, follow the steps below to delete any suggestions on Twitter.

Step 1: Log in to your Twitter Account

If you use it daily, you are probably already signed in to the account. So, simply enter the URL in the search bar and open Twitter. In case you need to log in, enter your credentials. 

Log in to your Twitter account

Step 2: Visit Your Search Suggestions

You can locate the search icon easily on the top right corner of your screen, click on it, and you will see the search suggestions. 

Visit your search suggestions

Step 3: Choose What to Delete

See the list and choose the search suggestion you don’t want to see anymore on your history or suggestion list. 

Choose what to delete

Click the cross to delete the specific history. However, If you want to clear everything, you need to click that option.

Cross to delete the specific history

Step 4: Confirm Your Actions

Finally, you need to confirm your actions. Click on “Clear,” and you wouldn’t see any suggestion history again unless you search for something new. 

How Do I Delete Search Suggestions On Twitter

How to delete search suggestions on Twitter on the app?

Most people use Twitter in the workplace; therefore, they might use a desktop, but you may love to use it while on the bus. In that case, you need your app to clear the search suggestion. 

Step 1: Launch Twitter App

Navigate to your apps and launch the Twitter app from there. 

Launch Twitter App

Step 2: Open Twitter Search Suggestions

Tap the Search icon on the Twitter app to see your recent searches.

open Twitter search suggestions

Step 3: Choose the Item You Wish to Delete

Tap a little longer on the item you want to remove from the list to select it, and you will see the message to confirm your action. 

How Do I Delete Search Suggestions On Twitter

Confirm by clicking on clear, and you wouldn’t see this again until you search it later.

Step 4: Confirm Deletion to clear all

If you want to clear all the history, tap on the cross above and confirm to “clear” all.

How Do I Delete Search Suggestions On Twitter

FAQs on Twitter Search settings

How do I change my search settings on Twitter?

Before changing your settings:

1. Log into your Twitter account.
2. Choose the “Settings” button from the screen’s upper right corner.
3. Select “Search” from the menu on the left.

After that, you can adjust the search criteria to do the needful.

How do I stop suggesting topics on Twitter?

Try clicking the “Stop Suggesting Topics” option on your profile’s left side if you wish to stop suggesting topics on Twitter. You won’t be able to suggest subjects for other users to follow as a result. Click “Start Suggesting Subjects” if you’d like to offer topics once more.

How do Twitter search suggestions work?

Your previous searches are used to generate Twitter search suggestions for you. They take into account what other individuals are looking for as well. The suggestions are arranged according to how probable you will click on them, so those near the top are those Twitter believes you are most likely to select.

Who visited my Twitter profile?

Who is asking impacts the response to this query? Only those you have permitted can access your profile if you are the one who made it. The response will depend on the individual’s privacy settings to whose profile you are referring.

How do I change my Twitter recommendations?

Tap the icon for your profile in the top menu. Tap Privacy and Settings. Then select Push notifications under Notifications. Drag the slider next to Recommendations to activate the functionality.

Deletion of Twitter Search Suggestions

All in all, when on social media, be it Twitter, you must be very careful. The algorithms are always shifting, and search history can be problematic in many ways. 

Besides, if you are not a person who only obsesses about the same topic, then keep deleting your search suggestions on many occasions. 

Additionally, never leave your social media unsupervised. If you have to do it, just follow the steps above and remove all search suggestions on Twitter anytime.

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