How Do I Delete Someone From My Messenger?

Are you getting spammy messages from an unknown person in your messenger and want to delete those profiles but didn’t find any method? Well, Meta has officially removed the deleting button from messenger, but be happy you can still delete it. Facebook Messenger is a very popular messaging app that is used widely, but in 2020 Facebook replaced the delete option with block, which basically restricts users from tagging you and sending you any messages.

Here in this blog, we will provide alternative methods to delete someone from the messenger. We also have listed the main points you should know before deleting someone.

Things You Need To Know Before Deleting A User From The Messenger

Once you delete a user from your messenger app. He will not be able to send you messages again. Even he will not get your profile on his search results. But in some cases, he may send you a friend request, but Facebook will not notify you about the request.

Steps To Delete Someone From The Messenger In Windows

Step 1. Open the messenger in your web browser by typing

messenger in web

Step 2. Now open the chat that you want to delete.

Step 3. Click on the information (i) button from the top bar.

How do I delete someone from my messenger?

Step 4. You will get a sidebar visible, and then click on the block button.

Block messages and calls

Step 5. Click on “Block messages and calls

Block messages and calls on messenger

Step 6. And finally, click on the block button.

Block messages and calls

Now, you will see that the contact is blocked.

Steps To Delete Someone From The Messenger In Android

Step 1. First of all, open the messenger app and log into the account from where you want to delete someone’s profile. And click on the people icon in the bottom bar.

messenger home

Step 2. Now click on the contact list icon in the top right corner.

messenger people

Step 3. Click the contact or profile you want to delete. And click on the (i) button from the top bar.

messenger chat list

Step 4. At the end of the page and click on the block option.

message setting messenger

Step 5. Click on the block from messenger and block on Facebook one by one. In the new pop-up, select the block option.

block on messenger message setting
block on messenger

Blocking someone on messenger means you have deleted him from your contact list, and the person is no longer able to contact you again.


Will the person know when they are removed on Messenger?

If you have blocked some or deleted someone from your messenger and wondering that did Facebook informed him or not? Well, Facebook does not send any notification to the user.

But when you block a contact, he can no longer find you on Facebook. It will give a signal to him that you have blocked his profile.

Secondly, if you unfriend a person from your friend list, then whenever he visits your profile, Instead of friends, he will get an option to send you a friend request which will again work as a signal to him that you have removed him from your friend list.

How can I remove Facebook Messenger’s contact on my iPhone?

For android and iPhone, the process of deleting someone’s profile is the same. Simply follow the above steps on your iPhone and get rid of annoying messages.

What is the reason for seeing more than one messenger conversation with the same person?

Facebook Messenger has a private space called secret conversation. When you have a normal chat with a person, and you enable a secret chat with the same person, you will get another profile from him. Now you will see two messengers with him. One will be normal, and the second will have a lock icon 🔒 with it.

Secondly, if you unfriend a person from your friend list, then whenever he visits your profile, Instead of friends, he will get an option to send you a friend request which will again work as a signal to him that you have removed him from your friend list.

How Do I Clear My Search History On Messenger?

You may have searched for something that you may want to remove from history. There are many ways to clear your search history on messenger. You can clear your account data to clear all the history of your account or just follow the steps below.

1. Click on the search icon from the top bar
2. You will see a drop-down where all of your previous searches will appear.1.
3. Click on edit at the bottom of recent searches.
4. and click on the remove button.

Can I Message Friends Who Aren’t Using The Messenger App?

Yes, you can. If your friends are not using the messenger app, first, we will recommend them to use it as there are a lot of features that they are missing. The process to delete someone from a messenger is very easy to follow on PC as compared to mobile, So we will recommend you to do the whole process on your computer.

However, if they are not using it, then you can send them a normal message from your messenger, and they will get a notification on their linked phone number or email. Then they will have to log in to their Facebook account on their mobile in google chrome and use it in the desktop mood. And they will get the same experience as the PC user gets.

So from there, they can give a reply to your message.

What Are Android Bubbles In Messenger?

When you are using other applications and have a messenger application on your mobile. Then, whenever you receive a message, a bubble will 🗨 pop out on your screen. They have introduced this feature to facilitate the users and make their user experience better.

You can use other software while chatting with your friends.


We hope this guide will help you in getting rid of the messengers. The use of a block button is recommended, and it is the official method to remove someone. If you block someone, then there is no chance that he will message you and even you will not see his latest activities after blocking him.

It was very easy to remove any messenger from the app, but we don’t know exactly why Facebook has removed the delete a button from the messenger app.

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