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How do I delete Viber data?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete your data, open the more screen and tap Settings.
  2. Configure your privacy settings.
  3. Select Privacy from the drop-down menu.
  4. Open Personal data and then press OK to edit it.
  5. Select Delete My Data from the drop-down menu and then press OK to confirm your choice.
  6. To remove your personal information.
  7. Follow the directions on.

How to Delete Viber Messages ?


What happens if I clear Viber data?

When it comes to the cache, you don’t have to worry about clearing it manually. The deleted files are simply removed from the app’s cache without affecting any of your personal data such as messages, images, accounts, files, etc. Android typically manages cached information on its own. As a result, you don’t need to clean it yourself.

How do I delete Viber history?
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To delete a membership on Viber, launch the app and access its menu from the side. Now go to Settings Calls and Messages in Viber. Select “Clear Message History” and confirm your choice to erase all of Viber’s message history.

How do I manage storage on Viber?

Tap the Settings button to see what settings your current account has. no to your More page and select the Settings option. tap the Settings tab to view your current account set up. under the Settings menu, you’ll find seven options for configuring your Viber app.

Why does Viber take up storage?
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Cache files are always generated while running an application, which is basic common sense. When an app like Viber is utilized, a large number of audio files will be cached. These cache files may consume a lot of storage on the phone.

How many GB does Viber use?

Viber consumes close to 240 KB per minute up and down while connected to your cellular data, and 14 MB per hour up and down if you want to use it while connected. As for text messages, they are just under 1Kb (125 B) per 500 characters.

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