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How do I edit my Zillow profile?

Best Answer:
  1. To change your profile information.
  2. Click “View your profile” to the right of your photo.
  3. Edit the profile detail.
  4. That you’d want to modify by clicking “Edit Profile.”

How to edit home info in zillow


How do I change incorrect information on Zillow?

You can let us know if you see a mistake in an ad (i.e., the wrong phone number, listing information, or incorrect photos). To report a problem with a listing, go to “More” at the top of the property page and then choose “Report an issue with the listing.”

How do I correct information on Zillow?
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Find out more about Zillow in this article. Click the edit button next to your home details. nnnZestimate your property immediately!

Why can’t I edit home facts on Zillow?

Please contact Customer Care by submitting a ticket HERE and a member of the Customer Care team will be delighted to assist you.

Why did my Zillow zestimate drop?
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The Home You’re Selling Is Listed On Zillow. According to Zillow, new data feeds into the algorithm, potentially affecting the Zestimate. It includes information that is not accessible via real estate agents and has been used to adjust according to listings.

Why is Zillow wrong?

Zestimates may not account for home enhancements or modifications, and property taxes paid or tax assessments may be incorrect. Zillow also factors in turnover rate, so a region where people stay in their houses for longer durations of time might not be as accurate.

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