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How do I factory reset a KidiBuzz?

Best Answer:
  1. To reset your device to factory settings, please follow the steps below.
  2. Option 1 – Reset Your Device in Parent Settings.
  3. Touch the “Device Settings” icon.
  4. Select “About” from the Device Settings menu.
  5. An option labeled “Reset your device to factory setting” should be visible; tap it and follow any instructions that appear on screen.


How do you delete messages on KidiBuzz?
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If I swipe left on a message, does it delete the text?

How do I register my KidiBuzz G2?

Once the update is finished, head to Parent Settings from the second page of your Home Screen by touching the Parents icon. A prompt will appear asking you to register your device. Touch “Register” to start.

How do I reset my kidizoom?
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If you need to restore the settings on your camera back to default, look for the reset button at the bottom of your camera and use a toothpick or straightened paperclip.

Can you make phone calls on KidiBuzz?

With VTech’s KidiBuzz®, kids can message friends, take selfies, and play games over Wi-Fi.

How do you delete pictures on KidiBuzz?
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Touch one of the icons at the top to select what type of content you would like to delete. To remove an app, touch the trash can next near it.