How Do I Factory Reset My Nextbook Laptop?

Most laptop users don’t know about the resetting feature of their machines. They probably used a laptop until it worked fine. You may prefer to buy a new one when your computer becomes slow in performance. When you try to reset your laptop, you have no idea how to factory reset your Nextbook laptop.

Sometimes there are better solutions to keep your laptop running smoothly than buying a new one. Sometimes your Nextbook laptop might get caught with a deadly virus that corrupts all your windows files. 

That could be the worst and most alarming situation for you, and you probably want to get rid of it.

Don’t worry! This article will solve your problem by showing you the process of resetting the Nextbook laptop easily.

So, let’s jump into the article to locate the possible solution so you can save your essential files on a laptop hard drive.

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What Is Nextbook Laptop, And How Do I Factory Reset It?

Nextbook is a famous detachable tablet supplier that introduced its first laptop in 2016. The Nextbook laptop has unique features, including built-in Windows 10 and a touch screen, which are attractive.

However, whenever you try to use a fishy link sent by some of your friends to you to gain money, it can cost you your whole data. So, you are not going that way to lose your essential files.

But if it happens, you try to get some internet help by exploring how to factory reset the Nextbook laptop. Several antiviruses available on the internet can get you some help. 

Most of the time, the virus changes the file formats on all your laptop data drives, and they demand money to release them. To get yourself out of this situation, we have given you a step-by-step guide to prevent you from all these situations.

Stepwise methods To Factory Reset Nextbook Laptop

You must follow all the steps because a wrong move can cause the loss of your whole drive data. There are two methods to factory reset your Nextbook laptop in this guide.

So, let’s get inside the guide to explore valuable methods to make it easy for your ultimate problems.

First Method

  1. Open Start Option
Open Start Option

First, when you turn on your laptop, ensure your internet connection is disabled to avoid any active virus. Then at the bottom left side of the screen, you will see the window sign; click on it. 

Another way to open it is by pressing the window sign button on your keyboard.

  1. Search The Settings
Search The Settings

After opening the start option, a search bar is given at the bottom. Click on the search bar and type settings. The windows settings feature will eventually appear on the screen. Click on it and open the settings.

  1. Open Update & Security
Open Update & Security

In the settings menu, there will be multiple options. You need to locate the update and security options and click on them.

If your settings menu is switched to classic mode, then you can manually locate it by searching it on the search bar. 

  1. Click On Recover 
Click On Recover 

In the updates and security menu, you will have an option bar on the left side of the screen. Click on that option and choose the reset this PC button. Click on the get started button at the bottom of the reset this PC option.

  1. Choose the Suitable Files Option
Choose Suitable Files Option

When your recovery setup starts, you will have two options whether you want to keep your files or remove everything. It depends on you; if your files are not necessary or you already made the backup point, then you can remove everything. 

Otherwise, you must select the first option if you want to keep your files. After that, your process will start, and the Nextbook laptop will be completely reset.

Second Method

  1. Restart Your PC
Restart Your PC

The second method is quite confusing, but it is also legit. It would be best if you kept your keyboard shift button pressed while clicking on the restart option.

  1. Choose Troubleshoot Option
Choose Troubleshoot Option

A window recovery feature will turn on, and you will see the three options on the screen. Click on the troubleshot option.

  1. Choose Reset This PC
Choose Reset This PC

In the next window, you must select the reset this PC option. 

  1. Choose Files Option
Choose Files Option

Now you have the same option when trying to reset your Nextbook laptop from windows. Choose the option wisely whether you want to keep your files or not. 

  1. Choose the Files Removal option
Choose the Files Removal option

This option is for those people who want to sell their PC or just trying to clean it. If you sell your Nextbook laptop, choose flu clean the drive. And f you want to keep it, then decide to remove my files.

  1. Click On Reset Button
Click On Reset Button

After the confirmation process, read the instructions carefully and then click on the reset button to start the process. Your Nextbook laptop will completely reset after this process.


Can I Force Factory Reset My Nextbook Laptop?

You must follow the steps below to force start the factory reset process on your Nextbook laptop:
Open the setting on your windows
Locate the recovery option
Select reset this PC
Choose files keeping option as per the requirements
Choose an immaculate drive or just a files option
Execute the reset process

How Do I Completely Reset My Nextbook Laptop?

You can completely reset your Nextbook laptop by choosing the recovery option in your Windows settings. You must decide whether you want to keep your files or completely wipe out the drive.

What Are The Keys To Start The Factory Reset Process In My Nextbook Laptop?

There are two standard keys used in several laptop models. In Nextbook, when you turn it on, press the F11 or F12 button immediately. That will open your system recovery mode by default.

How Do I Reset My Nextbook Laptop Without Password?

Without a password, you can reset your Nextbook laptop by following the most straightforward steps below:
Restart your computer by pressing and holding the shift button
Select Troubleshoot menu
Click on the reset this PC button
Choose suitable data-keeping options
Click on reset after reading the precautions


Factory resetting the Nextbook laptop is quite an easy process when you do it. It is a very beneficial process to use whenever your laptop seems lagging or has a fishy attack on your windows files.
It is probably the safest way to secure your personal or private files and enhance the system’s performance.
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