How Do I Find My Ikea Family Number?

Do you want to keep your IKEA family number close to you so you can use it whenever you want to share your reviews? You can also save the IKEA family number close to you to shop anytime. Are you confused about How do I Find My IKEA Family Number? Then this article is your answer.

Methods to Find My IKEA Family Number

IKEA service provides you with a four-digit code to keep a record of whatever you purchased from IKEA. You can also use this code or family number of IKEA to share your thoughts and reviews about shopping. There are different ways to get your IKEA family number if you have not got it already. Read the following sessions to know the methods of finding your IKEA family number. 

Method 1: Find Your IKEA Family Number in the Receipt.

You can easily find this IKEA family number on the receipt of the things that you have purchased. You can also keep track of your shopping list by IKEA family number. Take out the receipt that you got after shopping from IKEA. 

Look at the bottom of that receipt and see the four-digit code written down as your IKEA Family Number. You can also note this number in your diary if you want. Other information about the shopping is also located along your IKEA Family Number, such as store location, time, the total amount of shopping, date, etc. 

Method 2: Know Your IKEA Family Number with the App

If you have lost the receipt somehow, or you have not received any receipt at all, then do not worry because you can still find this code. You have to download the IKEA app if you have not downloaded it already and log in to your official IKEA account. You can get your IKEA family number from your account. 

Method 3: Get Your IKEA Family Number from Your Email 

Your online IKEA account is associated with the email address that you have provided. You can find your purchase details from past to present and history along with your IKEA family number in your email.

IKEA sends you a confirmation email every time you shop from IKEA, and the email contains the complete details of your shopping. You can count your IKEA email as your digital receipt, and with all the information on your purchase, you can also see your IKEA family number in that email. 

On the other hand, there is still another option that you can go for to get your IKEA family number. Simply ask any IKEA associate to send you your IKEA family number. 

You now have three ways to know your IKEA Family Number. You can pick and try any of the above methods if you want to know your four-digit code. If you think you can possibly lose the receipt or forget your IKEA family number, you can save it somewhere else, like in your diary. 


How can you find the IKEA family card price?

Fortunately, the IKEA family is open to joining everyone without subscription or membership fees. You can get many discounts on food services, products, and home furniture. You can also get free coffee and tea on the weekdays from IKEA if you are a member of the IKEA family.

What is the use of the IKEA family card?

You can get all the perks by using your IKEA family digital card. If you have the IKEA family card, you will get regular invitations to the workshops and events of IKEA. You will get special deals and discounts on the IKEA services, IKEA cafe, IKEA restaurant, and products. 

Can I get the IKEA 500 off?

You can get the IKEA 500 off by joining the IKEA family club. After entering the IKEA family club, you will get a discount of 500 on your first purchase. 

What is the expiration date of the IKEA family card from the manufacturing date?

The IKEA family members will know there is no expiry date for the IKEA family card. You can have fun with the benefits of the IKEA family card as long as you want. Your IKEA family membership will not expire. 

How can I get free coffee from IKEA?

If you obtain the IKEA family card, you will get free coffee throughout the weekdays from IKEA. Also, you will receive invitations for the events organized by IKEA throughout the year.

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