How Do I Find My Old Google Photos?

Are you looking for your old photos that hold your dear memories? Or maybe it’s the searching for a specific image, and the process has become tiresome? If that’s the case, you should try searching for your old pictures on Google Photos. This article will lead you to know how to find old Google photos.

Using an Android, you can easily locate your old memorable photos via the Google Photos app. Google offers cloud storage for photos, provided your device is signed in to your Google Account, and if you have a backup of your photos, you should find them in Google Photos. The question is, how do you access the pictures from Google Photos?

What is Google Photos And How To Find Old Google Photos?

Android phone, by default, uses the Google Photos App as the picture app. All photos and videos taken are available on the Google Photos app. Besides, the app comes preinstalled; the best part is that you can easily upload pictures and videos to your Google cloud account. 

You will enjoy its amazing features, including animation, shared albums, collage creations, and a cool editing suite. It allows users to back up their pictures and videos from any device with an internet connection. 

How to Find Pictures on Google Photos

Follow the steps below.

  1. Locate and click the Google Photos application on your home screen
How Do I Find My Old Google Photos?
  1. Various pictures will appear, click the library button at the bottom.
google photos gallery
  1. All albums with different pictures will appear. Click on any album to view the images. 
google photos album

You can find any old photos on your Android phone with just three steps.


How Do I Backup My Pictures to Google Photos?

Your pictures should automatically backup on Google Photos. However, you can quickly backup the pictures from Google Photos. Open the Google Photos app. Locate the Search button at the bottom and click on it. 

Below the search bar, you will note a Backup and Sync button. Slide or click the button, and on the next screen, confirm your details, including the email to back up to, and create the backup by clicking the Confirm button.

How Do I Search Someone’s Pictures on Google Photos?

You can search for someone using keywords or their face using the search bar. To search them based on keywords associated with their photo, things like car, cat, etc., start by opening the Google Photos app and clicking the Search at the bottom. On the search bar, type the keywords and click Ok/Done. Pictures associated with the keyword will appear.

Alternatively, if you’ve signed in to your Google Account, you should see people’s faces on the search bar. Click on that of your target person, and the search results will only display that of the target person.

Is It Possible to Sort Pictures or Videos on Google Photos?

Yes, it’s possible. Once on the Google Photos app, you can click the search button, and on the search bar, you can type keywords associated with a photo you are trying to find. For instance, if the picture you want to find has a cat on it, you can type cat, and the search results containing a cat will display. 

Also, you can sort pictures to match only a specific person’s face, provided you’ve signed into your Google account.

I Can’t Find My Pictures on Google Photos. What Is the Reason?

Any old photo on your phone should be uploaded and backed up on Google Photos. Even if deleted on your phone’s gallery or file manager, you can restore it from the backup provided by Google Photos. 

Therefore, if you can’t find your pictures on Google Photos, it means you deleted the images before creating a backup, or you deleted the pictures on Google photos directly, which is unfortunate.

How Many Pictures Can I Save to Google Photos?

There is no specific number of pictures you can save or backup to your Google Photos. However, a limited space of 15GB gets allocated to your Google account. Therefore, you can save as many pictures as possible, provided you don’t exhaust the 15GB. After that, your Google Photos won’t store any images.


Google Photos is an ideal feature provided by Android to its users to enable quick access and backup of their pictures. Using the Google Photos app, you can backup your photos to your Google account, which you can restore later.

Nonetheless, we’ve covered how to find your old Google Photos, including sorting the search using keywords or facial recognition. Google offers users a 15 GB cloud storage which is convenient for saving your photos to access from any device. Hopefully, you managed to find your Google Photos using the steps presented in this guide. 

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