How Do I Find Someone else’s Insta Comment?

Doing research on how to find someone else’s comment on Instagram sounds like a daunting task. It often leads to the question of where you have the best chance of finding the desired information, but with these easy steps, it won’t take long to get the answers that need. Follow this guide to learn about “How Do I Find Someone else’s Insta Comment” without any hassle quickly.

Three Ways to Find Someone else’s Insta Comment

Instagram makes it difficult to locate individual comments, but there are workarounds. This guide will show you how to find someone else’s comment on Instagram.

1. If you know the person’s username, you can search for their comments by clicking on the search icon and typing in their username. If you’re not sure of the person’s username, you can try searching for their name or looking through your list of followers to see if you can find them that way.

How Do I Find Someone else Instagram Comment
  1. Another way to find someone’s comment on Instagram is to look through the comments on other people’s posts. If you see a comment from the person you’re looking for, you can click on their username to go to their profile page. From there, you can view all of their recent comments.
Another way to find someone comment on Instagram
  1. If you’re still having difficulties locating someone’s Instagram comments, try this, you can always reach out to the person directly and ask them to share a link to their most recent post. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to find any comment from anyone on Instagram!
How Do I Find Someone else Instagram Comment

FAQs on Finding Someone else’s Insta Comment

Are Instagram comments on someone’s profile searchable?

 The best free resource for browsing Instagram comments is, without a doubt, the official Instagram online version! In fact, you can use the Windows/Mac finder to swiftly search for comments if you open Instagram on your desktop! You can easily do that by hitting “ctrl” and “F” while typing the required username or phrase!

How does one replicate a remark on Instagram in 2022?

– Android Instagram App Copy Comments
– Go to the post where you want to copy the comment by opening Instagram on your Android device.
– From the top three-dot menu, choose the Copy link.
– Copy the URL while Chrome is open.
– Because we’re on the Instagram mobile website, you can’t copy the comment.

Why can’t I steal content from Instagram?

You just need to open the post or comment in your Instagram app, choose the three dots in the top right, and then select “Copy Link” (as shown in the screenshot below). Then, open the Chrome app on your phone and tap the address bar. There, copy and paste the URL.

How is a remark duplicated?

– Copy a comment by doing the following:
– Check that you are reading your work in Draft mode.
– Mark the comment in your document with a highlighter.
– You will hit Ctrl+C. The relevant comment is copied to the Clipboard along with the comment mark.
– Wherever you want the comment to be copied, place the insertion point.
– To paste, use Ctrl+V.


There you have it! Those are the three surefire methods for finding someone’s comment on Instagram. One of these solutions will work for you whether you want to find a certain remark by a particular person or want to read all of the comments on a given topic. So go ahead and give them a try next time you’re looking for a specific comment on Instagram.

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