How do I get a QR code from the carrier?

QR code is the code that your carrier gives you. It’s a code that is specific to your service plan provided by your carrier. If you don’t have one, contact your aircraft carrier and ask them for one QR code if they support QR codes. Not all aircraft carriers use this code. In many cases, a QR code is present on the products.

QR codes are used to track information about products in a supply chain because many smartphones have built-in QR readers. We often use them in marketing and advertising campaigns. It is also being used by banking apps, and it has made our money transitions very easy.

If you are facing difficulty in finding a QR code or you want to get your QR code for E-sim or Vodafone, in this article, we have provided the solution for your problem.

How to get a QR code from an eSIM carrier?

You may receive a QR code or activation code when downloading your profile from your eSIM carrier. Activation codes are download links. Your eSIM profile is often present as a QR code that you scan with your phone or tablet’s camera to activate and install.

If you want to get your QR code from the eSIM carrier, follow the following instructions:

  • Contact your eSIM carrier.
  • Ask him to provide you with the QR code of the Esim.
  • In case finding difficulty or if the QR code is not working, contact customer care support. They will surely help you.

What is the process for getting an ATT QR code?

To get a QR code from ATT, follow these steps:

  • Launch the App Store. Then search for “AT&T,” select “AT&T Mobile Transfer,” and click on the GET Install.
  • On your old devices, choose From this device and follow the steps to generate a QR Code.
  • Note: Connect both of your old and new devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On the new phone, select To this device. Enter your mobile number, then select NEXT.
  • Note: Review the prompt afterward and select OK to allow the app to access your camera. 
  • Use any other device to scan the QR Code from the first screen, which will create a link between both devices. Follow the newly opened window to get a QR code.

Best way to Create a QR Code for free on iOS

The process is the same as Android, and you can easily make any type of QR Codes on any iPhone or iPad or, in short, apple devices. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Chrome application from the Apple Store for free. You cannot create QR Codes from the Google search app or safari but only from the Chrome application.
  2. Visit the URL you want to share as a QR code.
  3. Tap on the Share button.
  4. Then, Select Create QR Code.
  5. Once created, you can share it with anyone or simply print it on paper to get it scanned.

How to scan a QR code on iPhone to activate eSIM?

On your iPhone, contact your carrier to get a QR code. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Camera present on your iPhone and scan the QR code provided.
  2. Once scanned, a Cellular Plan Detected notification will appear on the screen; click it.
  3. Tap Continue, which appears at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap on the “Add Cellular Plan.”

If they have asked you to enter a confirmation code to activate the eSIM, then put the number that you got from your service provider.

Follow the instructions from your carrier’s app if your carrier supports activating eSIM using an app.

FAQs On QR Code

Where is the QR code for the carrier on the iPhone?

Go to Settings, select cellular, then click on the add Cellular Plan. Create a new plan with a QR code that the carrier provides. Then hold your iPhone in how the QR code appears in the frame, or enter the details manually. Then they may ask you to enter a confirmation code given by your carrier.

How do QR codes work, and why do we use them?

QR is the code that is provided to you by your carrier, which helps you to buy things and makes their payment method very easy. QR codes allow its users to make payments very easily just by scanning the code using their phones.

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