How Do I Get My Left Sidebar Back on Facebook?

The Facebook sidebar’s position depends on the space on your display, so it will only surface if there is sufficient space. It may also be invisible because you could have accidentally removed the panel. Here is how to get back your Facebook left sidebar if you can’t see it on your Android screen.

Steps To Get back Facebook Left Sidebar

  1. Launch your Facebook on your Android or Desktop
How Do I Get My Left Sidebar Back on Facebook?
  1. On the page that’ll appear on your Android device, tap on the gear icon (Settings) on the upper right section of your display. 
tap on the gear icon (Settings) on the upper right section of your display. 

If you’re using a desktop, click on your screen’s profile icon at the top.

If you’re using a desktop, click on your screen's profile icon at the top
  1. Hit on Settings, and under General, tap on Site Customization.
Hit on Settings,
tap on Site Customization
  • Select Edit HTML below the Left Sidebar title and enter a dimension for the bar (in pixels). All other settings should stay as they are. Tap on the Save Changes button. Your sidebar is now visible on the left side of your Facebook page.


Why has my Facebook sidebar vanished?

It appears to be the result of an issue that affected certain desktop users. Normally, the sidebar provides shortcuts to nearly every feature on Facebook, such as a button that opens your Newsfeed and Groups.

How do I modify Facebook’s left column?

While logged in to Facebook, navigate to the Home page. Hover your cursor over an item in the Favorites list to bring up the cogwheel. Choose ‘Rearrange’ under the context menu—drag items into the favorites list to reorganize them while in edit status.

Where is Facebook’s navigation bar?

The navigation bar, which is at the upper of the Facebook app on Android and the lower part of the Facebook app on iOS, will enable users to swap certain icons with the functions they use the most.

How can I update the Facebook navigation bar?

Click and press any shortcuts in your Facebook navigation bar at the lower section of the home screen on iOS and the upper on Android to access the Shortcut Bar Settings choices. An option will appear, allowing you to delete or leave that tab but deactivate the red alert count overlays.

What exactly is Facebook’s left menu?

The left navigation sidebar on Facebook includes connections to the most frequently used functions. It has various categories, including Pages, Groups,  Apps, and Friends, and each category has several connections. Facebook automatically adds these links, but you could add your favorites.


When you try to get your Facebook’s left sidebar back,  ensure that your sidebar is active. Then, deactivate and activate your sidebar. If it doesn’t work, try removing your Facebook account and starting over.

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