How Do I Get My Samsung Out of Retail Mode?

Although all Samsung TVs are set to Home Mode when shipped in, Stores might set the TV into Retail mode to use as a display TV. The Retail mode is to display attractive images or commercials on the TV to draw customers’ attention. Retail mode on TVs can get very annoying, especially when you bring it to your home to find out it is still in Retail mode. But don’t worry. You can quickly get your Samsung TV out of retail mode.

This article will cover different methods to help you get your Samsung TV out of this mode.

Samsung Out of Retail Mode Through System Settings

It might be surprising to bring your Samsung TV home and see it in Demo mode. It will project different images or commercials. The screen will refresh every couple of minutes, and you won’t be able to adjust anything while it is in Retail Mode.

Getting your Samsung TV out of Retail Mode is not as hard as you might think, and getting it out of this mode through System settings is one of the most common methods. You just have to get to the system settings of the TV, and here is how you can do it:

  1. Open Your TV and Press the home button on your TV remote.
  2. Click on Settings and Head over to General.
  3. Under General, Select System Manager and Open Usage Mode.
  4. Enter the 0000 PIN, which is the default for all Samsung TVs.
  5. Select Home Mode and Click Ok.

With different generations of TV available, getting to System settings might not be the same for all Samsung TVs. So, in case the above method doesn’t work, you can try the following way:

  1. Open Your TV and Press the home button on your TV remote.
  2. Click on Settings and Open Support.
  3. Under Support, scroll down and find Use Mode
  4. Click on Use Mode, and Select Home Use.
  5. Press Done on your TV will be out of Retail Mode.

Through TV Keys

You don’t necessarily need a TV remote to get your TV to home mode. You can quickly get your Samsung TV out of retail mode without your TV remote. With just the TV keys on your TV, you can get your TV out of retail mode, and here is how you can do it:

  1. Turn on your TV and check for the volume and menu buttons on the TV, which is usually located in the bottom right corner.
  2. Press the Volume button once and hold the Menu button for about 15-20 seconds after you see the volume indicator.
  3. After 15 seconds, you will see “Standard” displayed on the screen, indicating that the TV is now out of retail mode.

Through Factory Reset

If nothing works or for some reason, you find other methods inaccessible. You can also factory reset your Samsung TV to get it out of retail mode. Factory resetting your TV also helps you avoid any issues the TV might have faced while being active in the Store. Here is how you can factory reset your TV to get it out of retail mode:

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Navigate to the TV settings through your TV remote.
  3. Now, Under Settings, Go to General and then Click on Reset.
  4. Enter the 0000 PIN.
  5. Click on OK, and the Factory Reset process will start.
  6. After the Factory Reset, your TV will be out of Retail Mode.


Can you turn on Retail Mode again?

Yes, you can turn Retail mode back on your Samsung TV. Like how you turned your Retail mode off through System Settings, you can also turn it on similarly. After you open the Usage/Use Mode on your Samsung TV through Settings, the TV will ask you for a pin, enter 0000 PIN, and you can set the TV back to Store mode through the options below.

Why does TV quality look better in the store?

Stores calibrate the TV for bright store lighting and adjust it for glances to make it look better. They calibrate each display to ensure it looks the best quality possible which is not recommended for long-term viewing. When the TV is set to store mode, it displays 4k quality images and videos to make it look the best. The mode also sets your TV to the highest brightness, color vividity, and contrast level. 
Most Stores also use 4K content on the TV and increase the color vividity to look vibrant. When we use the TV in our home, all content isn’t available in 4K, and every other setting is adjusted for long-term viewing in our home.

What happens when TV is set to Retail Mode?

Retail or Store mode is created for Display TVs at stores. The mode is to ensure the TV display operates at full capacity but disables all other TV features. It is intended for people to glance at while walking by the store. When you buy a TV, you need to set it to home mode to access the TV fully. Using it in Retail mode will display high-resolution images and videos that help grab customers’ attention.

How do I get to the secret menu on my Samsung Smart TV?

Most of us are curious about the secret menu on our Samsung Smart TV. Secret Menu helps you know about the Version and Model of your TV with the date of manufacture, details of your TV’s ports, and instructions to wall mount the TV. You can also change TV modes and Wi-Fi regions, disable FRC screen mode, turn on/off hotel and store mode, adjust white balance and access various other settings on your TV.
To get the Secret menu, tap on the Settings button on your TV until you see the Service Menu on the screen. Now click on any menu you want to access, make the necessary changes, and tap on the Ok button to save it.

Is store mode good for TV?

Store Mode just affects the TV’s display settings and disables other TV functions. With store mode, the TV will have max brightness, higher color vividity, and better contrast to make the display look more vibrant. Overall, Store mode affects the TV’s display, and there is no harm to the TV when you use it on Store mode for longer. You don’t have to worry much if your TV has been initially set to Retail mode.

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