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How do I get rid of ads on Yahtzee with buddies?

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You can now remove seeing ads from within the game without making a purchase by purchasing Bonus Rolls. Purchases of $4.99 and up will add Remove Ads to your account.


Why do mobile games have so many ads?

The reason why there are so many mobile game ads is because they partner with advertising companies who pay them. It’s marketing that works like this: A person wishing to advertise partners with an advertising company called Your Company Here.

What are the rewards in Yahtzee with buddies?
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Earn all the Rewards – You can earn in-game rewards by playing games with friends. Earn playing games, rolling specific sets (like Yahtzee, full house,) and win prizes when you win. You can also play mini-games to get special dice sets, pets or frame images
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How do I delete my Yahtzee with buddies account?
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Why do mobile games use fake ads?

Ad developers try to conceal that games do not have advertised features by playing a bait and switch mentality. For example, what if an FPS game advertises you could shoot cars (something that isn’t in the actual game), then after downloading it you realize there is no such feature? The developer has tricked you into joining their RPG mobile game.

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What does XP mean in Yahtzee with buddies?

When you fill up your XP bar, the corresponding Achievement level will be unlocked and you’ll automatically move to that level.

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