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How do I get rid of Quora digest?

Best Answer:
  1. Go to Quora.com and log in to your account.
  2. Go to your Privacy Settings page.
  3. Click Delete Account.
  4. When prompted.
  5. Type in your password and press “Done.

Quora Answers | How to unsubscribe to Quora digest?


How do I stop emails from Quora digest?

Create an account on Quora.com. On the upper-right corner, click “Settings” to go to that page. Look for the section on the left labeled “Email Settings” in the Settings menu. Expand each area by clicking on the blue “view settings” link next to it and unchecking everything for which you don’t want to be emailed.

Why am I getting emails from Quora digest?
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You could be receiving emails from Quora, which indicates you have an account. You may also unsubscribe by following the link at the bottom of the email.

How do I disconnect Gmail from Quora?

Click the ‘Account Settings tab and change your password. Click settings then privacy in your profile to see if you may delete or deactivate your account. “Deactivate Account” and “Delete Account” are both options at the bottom of the page.

How do you stop receiving emails from someone?
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Open the Gmail app on your Android phone or tablet. nOpen an email from the person you want to remove from your contacts list. nap Unsubscribe or Change preferences at the bottom of the message. If you don’t see these choices, the sender didn’t give you all of the information needed to cancel your subscription.

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Is Quora a reliable source?

Quora is a question-and-answer website similar to Yahoo! Answers, where users can submit questions and provide answers to other people’s inquiries. The fact is that Quora isn’t any more dependable than the person who responds to your query, and the usefulness of your inquiry depends entirely on the details you supply.