How Do I Hide An Order On The Amazon App?

Amazon has quickly become the go-to online shopping destination for many people. The company’s rapid rise has been both surprising and exciting to watch unfold. Over the last few years, Amazon has transformed from a giant in online retail to the biggest online platform in the world. Privacy is a big deal on Amazon, which is why, as a user, you always have the option to hide your orders in your account so other people with access to the account don’t see it. So, you might be thinking about how to hide an order on the Amazon App.

You would want to hide your orders from your loved ones for several reasons. It may be that you’re getting gifts for them, and you don’t want them to be aware until the gifts arrive; after all, what’s a better way to celebrate that big day than a few surprises?

The company’s dominance in e-commerce has allowed it to become a major player in other industries, including food delivery and other services. The company’s selection, low prices, and quick delivery have made it a favorite among consumers.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to hide an order on the Amazon app, we’ll walk you through the process in this article. Brace up! Let’s begin.

How To Hide An Order On The Amazon App?

First of all, you need to have the app on your phone. Download it if you don’t have one.

Sign In

Now, open the app and sign in securely to your account.

How Do I Hide An Order On The Amazon App?

Verify the Sign-in Attempt

Amazon will ask you to verify the sign-in attempt on your mobile phone through a text.

Verify the Sign-in Attempt

Go To “Your Orders”

Go to “Your Order” in the top right corner to review the orders you want to hide in your account.

Hide Your Orders

After you have identified the items(s) you want to hide, tap on “View Order Details,” then “Archive Order“. Your orders will be archived immediately.

Restoring Archived Orders: If You Hide an Order on Amazon

You can view the hidden items through the account option by typing the name of the hidden order in the search box. From the “Account & Lists,” tap on “Archived Orders.” You will see the hidden order.

It is very possible for you to restore your archived/hidden orders on the Amazon app. You must find the orders we discussed in the step above; only this time, you’ll be clicking on them and selecting “Unarchive Order.” The orders will be available again in your “Account and Lists.”


Can you archive your order on Amazon before it gets shipped out?

Many people have always been curious about the possibility of hiding an Amazon order before it ships out. It is possible to archive an Amazon order that is yet to be shipped. However, as much as the order can be hidden, it cannot be deleted. If you’re trying to delete an order, you may have to wait till the order gets delivered to you before you delete it from your order lists.

Is it possible to hide order history on the Amazon app?

Amazon doesn’t have the feature to hide order history, but we hope it’s something they introduce in the future; soon, hopefully. On the other hand, you can perform a similar function by hiding your search history, which can be done through your “Browsing History” from the desktop version of the website. If you only want to remove an item from the search history, click “Remove From View.” If you’re trying to get rid of the entire search history, just select “Remove All Items From View.”

Does Amazon have a private mode?

No, it does not. As an open marketplace, that feature would be unnecessary, except there’s a special way to integrate it and make it peculiar to some situations. One of the things you can do to make it a little enjoy some personal privacy is to use the feature that hides your orders from your account. You can also delete your searched items from your browsing history on the website. We think those are the closest things you can have to a private mode.

Can you delete an order on Amazon?

It is possible to delete your Amazon orders via Amazon Prime. There’s a special feature called “Manage Your Content and Devices.” With this feature, you can delete orders you no longer want to see from your account history.

How do I archive Amazon orders on an iPhone?

If you have the app, you should open it and sign in securely. Once signed in, go to “Your Orders,” identify the orders you want to archive, and tap “Archive Order” to hide the Amazon order.


Whether you’re about to gift your loved ones the surprise of their lives or simply need something for yourself, Amazon can offer you the best prices, stylish products, and the fastest shipping on the market. With a wide selection of products, Amazon can cater to all needs, including those your local store simply can’t satisfy.

To ensure this, you should know how to hide Amazon orders on the Amazon app, which is exactly what we’ve discussed in this article. It’s an easy way to keep your Amazon orders archived for as long as you want without anyone knowing.

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