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How do I kick someone off my Xbox Live account?

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  1. To delete a Gamer Profile, you can go to Settings>System. Then, when Storage is selected, select All Devices. A gamertag can be deleted by selecting the Gamertag and then selecting Delete from this interface.
  2. There are three options to choose from

Steps on How to I kick someone off from your Xbox Live account?

How do I kick someone off my Xbox Live account?

– To kick someone off your Xbox Live account, you’ll need to go into the Settings menu.

– Select “Account” and then select “Privacy & Online Safety.”

– Next, click on Manage xbox live accounts.

– The next screen will show a list of all existing xbox live accounts that are connected with this gamertag or xbox live id. Select the account you want to delete from the list and click Remove User at the bottom of the page. If it says ‘locked,’ use one of these troubleshooting steps: – Check if any apps have been installed for this xbooklive ID but not uninstalled by going under Apps info in settings > Privacy & Online Safety > App-specific permissions > xbox live account. – Check if any items are in your xbooklive library that you want to keep by going under Apps info in settings > Privacy & Online Safety > xbox live account list

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– Click Remove User again and confirm the deletion.

How do I kick someone off my Xbox Live account? If an Xbox friend has been a bad influence on me, or is acting like they don’t care about what we’re doing together anymore, it can be difficult when I’m not sure how to talk to them about it. The first thing you’ll need to do is log into your xbooklife console using either the gamertag or Microsoft ID associated with your profile.

How much does Xbox Live cost for a month?

Xbox Live is an online gaming service that can be accessed through your Xbox 360 console. It features voice and text chat, the ability to play games with other gamers from around the world, a friends list for keeping in touch while playing online, downloadable content and much more. There are two different versions of Xbox live: A paid version which costs $60 per year or you can buy tokens which start at 50 cents each. Some people have complained about not being able to delete their account if they decide they want it closed so I figured I would write this blog post explaining how one might go about getting rid of theirs!

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How do I get an Xbox Live account?

Create a new Xbox Live account by following these steps:
-Go to xbox.com and select the Sign in tab.
-Retype your email address and password, but remember the confirmation pass you were given after creating an account. -Select Create one!
-The next screen will ask for your first name, last name, date of birth, sex (in addition to any other information that matches the previous profile). Upon completion, verify everything is correct before selecting Get me started!

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Is Xbox Live free now?

If you already own an Xbox One, some of the higher-profile features of the service are free and available to all users.
However, if you still have an Xbox 360 or any other machine that runs an older operating system, then more advanced features require a paid subscription.

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