How do I link my Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4?

Playing Minecraft on the PS4 does not necessarily demand a Microsoft account. However, you will be capable of cross-playing with PS4 gamers on other consoles or devices if you connect a Microsoft account. This article entails a comprehensive guide on how to link your Microsoft account to Minecraft on the Ps4. To learn more, keep reading.

You may also learn how to delete my Minecraft Microsoft account to get rid of it anytime.

Steps to Link Microsoft Account to Minecraft PS4.

Following are the steps to connect your Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4:

  1. On your PS4, access the Settings option.
  2. From the set of choices, pick “Account Management.”
  3. From the options on the left end of the window, choose “Link with Other Services.
  4. Choose “Microsoft account” from the provided range of services.
  5. Tap “Sign In” after entering your Microsoft account login details.
  6. After that, you would be able to use your Microsoft account to access Minecraft on your PlayStation 4.

Since this cannot be reversed, be careful to enter the accurate Microsoft account information you want to link to your PlayStation Network account.

Tips to Resolve Issues with Minecraft PS4 and Microsoft Accounts.

PlayStation Network users typically experience two different sorts of errors:

Failing to Log in as Microsoft Account is Already Connected.

It follows that they already have a PlayStation Network account linked to the Microsoft Account you seek to connect to your PlayStation Network ID. The Microsoft Account the person is trying to enter is currently linked to another PlayStation Network ID, so to fix this, you must connect the PlayStation Network ID to another Microsoft Account.

Failing to Log in as the PlayStation Account is Already Connected.

It indicates that the PlayStation Network ID you are trying to connect from is already associated with a Microsoft Account.

To fix this, you simply need to log in with the appropriate authorized account, which appears on the Minecraft ERROR pop-up window.

To avoid any issues while linking your Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4, follow these tips:

  • Use the relevant Microsoft account to log in.
  • If you have more than one Microsoft account, you may also want to connect the one you are using for Office 365 or Xbox Live.
  • Confirm that the information you provide for your Microsoft account is accurate.
  • You can ask for assistance from Microsoft support if you’re still experiencing issues.


How do I link my Microsoft account to my Minecraft PS4?

You should have a Mojang account to link your Microsoft account to the PS4 version of Minecraft. On Mojang’s website, you can make one if you don’t have one. Implementing these steps will allow you to link your Mojang account to your Microsoft account once you have one:
– On your PS4, launch the game Minecraft.
– From the main menu, choose “Options.”
– Choosing “Accounts.”

Why am I unable to connect my Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4?

Your Microsoft account might not be linking to Minecraft for multiple reasons. You might be linking two distinct accounts simultaneously, which is one possibility. Ensure that the account you use for Minecraft and your Microsoft account is the same.
It’s also possible that your account has been suspended. You can speak with Minecraft support to understand more if you think this might be the situation.

Can I log in using my PC’s Minecraft account on a PS4?

Your PC’s Minecraft account can be used on a PS4. To play the game on a PS4, however, you must buy it again.

Why does Minecraft require a Microsoft account?

The owner of Minecraft has made it mandatory for all of Mojang’s games to require a Microsoft account. It’s for safety and security reasons. It will enable conversation and invitation filtering, provide two-factor verification, strengthen parental controls, and more.

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