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How do I link my smite account?

Best Answer:
  1. Players can prepare for Cross-Progression by linking their accounts online now!
  2. Visit https://my.hirezstudios.com/ and log into your preferred Yahoo account.
  3. Once logged in, click the “Linked Accounts” button on the left to get a snapshot of all the accounts you have linked.


Can I link my smite account from PS4 to PC?
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Linking your PC and PlayStation 4 accounts helps to unlock certain rewards on both platforms simultaneously. By linking the accounts, players will be able to unlock Odin and a free Worlds Collide Odin skin at no extra cost.

How do I link my Hi-Rez account?

You can link your Realm Royale accounts to your Hi-Rez account by following the prompts you receive when initially logging in to realm and clicking “Linked Accounts” on the left. Once logged in, you’ll also need to click “Linked Accounts” for a snapshot of all the accounts that are linked.

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Can you connect smite accounts?

You can now benefit from cross-platform play across PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch when playing SMITE, Paladins, or Realm Royale.