How Do I Locate The NetBank Client Number?

Netbank provides a great way for online secure banking. With the NetBank account credentials, one can utilize the services of NetBank right away. However, it can be tricky for some people to locate their NetBank client number.

This guide includes a detailed guide on how to find your NetBank client number. For more information, keep reading.

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About NetBank

NetBank is a service that allows you to check your bank statements online.  You may get a visual perspective and study all the minute details with the help of this service, which offers you a safe, secure online space to handle your finances.

Your confidential banking information is safely stored behind the NetBank sign-in page. It is only accessible with your password and NetBank client number.

NetBank Client Number

An individual identity given to a customer or client is a NetBank client number. This number aids companies in keeping a check on their clients and activities. It differs from an account number. Each client has a unique identification number, whereas each account has a unique identification number.

The CommSec Client ID and password are distinct from the NetBank client number and credentials. You can change your NetBank info online if you’ve lost your client number or passcode or if you want to access your account.

Locating NetBank Client Number

Some people struggle to remember their NetBank client number. If you’re having trouble finding your NetBank client number, take these steps:

  1. Navigate to the sign-in page of NetBank.
  2. Pick “I’ve lost my log-in details” from the menu.
  3. You will have to enter your password and the NetBank card number.
  4. When you get the message, you will need to input a NetCode (through a CommBank app NetCode Notification, NetCode SMS, or even from your token) or the responses to two of the security queries.
  5. You can access NetBank by entering your current password after your client number is visible. You may generate a new password before using NetBank if you have selected the “I need to reset my NetBank password” checkbox in Step 3.

Following the above steps, now you know how to locate NetBank client number easily within a few minutes.


What is a client ID for CommBank?

Every customer of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank) has a unique number known as a client ID. When customers access CommBank’s online banking service or other CommBank services, it is utilized to recognize them.

What is your account number, and how do you know it?

The specific identification of your bank account is its account number. To set up internet banking or to conduct any transactions or payments, you will require this number. Your bank statement, cheque-book, or the bank’s site all contain your account number. An account number is distinct from the client number. Unlike accounts, which each have a unique identification number, clients have their separate identification numbers.

How can I make my NetBank account active?

You will have to enter your account number along with the last four digits of your social security number to activate your NetBank account. You can manage your account online once you’ve signed up with NetBank.

On the CommBank app, where can I find my BSB and account number?

Follow the directions below to locate your BSB and account number on the CommBank app:
Launch the app, then choose “Accounts.
The top portion of the screen will show your account number.
The word “Branch” will be next to your BSB.

How to configure the CommBank app?

You must first install the CommBank app from the App Store or Google Play and then register a CommBank ID. You will be able to login in and use the app after you’ve registered your CommBank ID.

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