How do I lock my Mac screen without sleep?

If you want to step away from your Mac, it is prudent to lock the screen to prevent others from accessing your computer. This is important if you’re working in a public place or dealing with sensitive information that you don’t want anyone else to see. Below are the steps to locking your Mac without putting it on sleep mode. Read the article until the end to answer your query: “How do I lock my Mac screen without sleep?”

Follow The Easy Steps: How do I lock my Mac screen without sleep?

The steps are given below to lock Mac Screen Without Sleep:

Use the Keyboard Shortcut:

By default, the lock screen shortcut is Control-Command-Q. You can also change this in your Mac’s System Preferences.

1. Click on the Keyboard icon. 

Click on the Keyboard icon

2. Find the Shortcuts tab. Select the App Shortcuts on the list on the left side. 

the list on the left side

3. Click on the + button to add a new shortcut. Name the shortcut however you want to, but “Lock Screen” is the easiest to remember.  

4. Enter your preferred keyboard shortcut. In this example, the shortcut is Command-L.

How do I lock my Mac screen without sleep

5. Click on the Add button to save your new shortcut. 

The next time you need to leave your Mac, press the keyboard shortcut you created, and the login screen will be displayed. All the downloads and other processes will still run in the background, but no one will be able to access the account without a password.

Lock Screen Using a Hot Corner

A Hot Corner is a term used to describe a screen edge or corner on your Mac that, when triggered, performs a predefined action. In this case, it will activate the screen saver. 

1. Open System Preferences and select Mission Control.

How do I lock my Mac screen without sleep
How do I lock my Mac screen without sleep

2. Click the Hot Corners button in the bottom-left corner.

How do I lock my Mac screen without sleep

3. Select which corner you want to use for locking your screen from the drop-down menu next to where it says Lock Screen. Click on the Okay button to save the new setting.

How do I lock my Mac screen without sleep

Now, whenever you move your mouse cursor into that corner of your screen, your Mac will lock itself.

FAQs On locking Mac screen without sleep

How do I get my Mac screen to stay on?

There are a few ways to prevent your mac screen from going to sleep. One way is to go to your System Preferences, and under the “Energy Saver” settings, uncheck the box next to “Put the display to sleep when the computer is inactive for.” 

Can I lock my MacBook screen?

Yes, you can lock your MacBook screen. To do so, press Command-Control-Q. This will bring up the lock screen.

How do I change how long my Mac screen stays on?

One way is to go to the Desktop & Screensaver preference panel in System Preferences and adjust the “Screen Saver” slider. This will change how long the screen saver takes to start after you haven’t been using your Mac for a while.

Does locking Mac put it to sleep?

Locking your Mac doesn’t put it to sleep. Sleep is a power-saving state that can be used to reduce power consumption when you are not using your computer. If you want your Mac to go to sleep when you lock it, you will need to enable a setting in the Energy Saver preferences.

Why doesn’t my Mac lock when I close it?

One reason could be that you have the “Require password after sleep or screen saver begins” setting turned off in your security preferences. Another reason could be that you’re using an older version of macOS that doesn’t support locking the screen when the lid is closed.


To keep your Mac secure, it is important to lock your screen when you are not using it. There are a few ways that you can do this, but the easiest is to use the lock screen shortcut (Control-Command-Q) or to trigger the lock screen using a hot corner.

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