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How do I manage my Amazon credit card?

Best Answer:
  1. You can manage your account online at chase.com/amazon to pay your bill.
  2. see recent account activity and other management options.


Can I view my Amazon credit card online?

You can manage your Amazon.com Credit Card on the Chase website and your Synchrony StoreCard on the Synchrony website. Logging in to either website will allow you to see your balance and previous statements, as well as manage your rewards. You can also set up one-time, automatic, or recurring payments.

How do I find my Amazon credit card number?
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You can edit your credit card information by logging into your Amazon Payments account, clicking the “Add” button next to where it reads “Edit My Account Settings,” and then inputting the new details.

Where can I find my Amazon credit?

Log into the Amazon website either on a Mac or PC then click the “Account and Lists” button in the top-right corner. Under ‘Your Account,’ click on “Gift cards.”

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Does Amazon automatically update card details?

On Amazon.com, any changes you make to your card information will automatically be updated to Amazon Pay with the exception of changes that require a credit card number or CVV update.