How Do I Manage My Netflix Account?

Netflix is an online streaming service that offers its users a wide range of movies and series worldwide. Users can watch Netflix whenever they want, wherever they want, as much as they like, without any ads. This is a question that arises, “how do I manage my Netflix account” specially if you are a newbie.

Netflix offers many features that you might not be aware of, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or have been using it for years. You can change some settings on your Netflix account to get a better experience. 

While watching a Netflix series, you may encounter situations like subtitle customization, hidden genres, lagging in content, and unavailable titles.

This guide will fix all your worries regarding Netflix, and you will get the most out of your Netflix account.

You may also learn how to stop auto-renewal on Netflix subscriptions.

Managing Netflix Account By Using Simple Tricks

  1. Turn Off Auto-Play Trailers

Netflix promotes its content in the form of auto-play trailers. This becomes highly frustrating for members who only use Netflix to play VoD. 

After receiving many complaints regarding this option, Netflix has introduced an option to turn off autoplay.

You can switch off this option by going into “Manage Profiles”, selecting your profile, and unchecking the “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices”.

  1. Explore Hidden Genres on Netflix

Netflix has many hidden genres that many users might not be aware of. For example, when searching for a show, if you select “documentaries”, you will see sub-categories like foreign documentaries, etc.

Go to the browser and enter the URL to find your preferred genre. In the place of “XXXX”, you will need to enter a number; for instance, for “Action thrillers”, the number is “43048”. You can find a list of genres and their numbers on Google.

  1. Create Several Netflix Accounts

If you have multiple family members that use Netflix, you might want to create multiple Netflix accounts. Head to “Manage profiles” and select “Add a profile”, then enter the name and language for that account. 

Once you have entered all the details, click “Save”. It will create an additional profile next to your options, and you can switch between them whenever you wish. 

  1. Eliminate People From Your Netflix

Netflix doesn’t allow multiple people to use a single Netflix account. If you are unable to access a title, it might be possible that your account’s limitation of connected people has reached the maximum, and it is time to remove people from your account.

To do so, go to “Account Settings” and choose “Sign out of all devices”. Make sure to change your password afterward to stop people from getting back into your account.

  1. Turn On Audio Descriptions

Netflix has launched a significant feature for its users, i.e., “audio descriptions”. This feature is handy for visually impaired members who often miss out on important visual cues. 

Now visually impaired peeps can hear audio descriptions of what is on the screen display. You can access this option from the “language” settings.


How do I manage my Netflix account subscription?

Log into your Netflix account and choose billing details to view your Netflix plan. If you are unsatisfied with your current subscription plan, you change your plan at any time.

How do I get to Netflix settings?

You can head to the Netflix settings through the web browser or through the app. Select the arrow button at the top opposite your profile and then choose “Account”.

How many devices can I watch Netflix on one account?

Netflix offers standard and premium streaming packages. With the standard package, you can watch and download Netflix shows on two devices, while the premium package can let you enjoy Netflix on four devices.

Why can’t I update my payment method on Netflix?

If you are facing any trouble with updating your payment method on Netflix, you might need to speak to your card issuer to ask if your card information is up to date. You can also try an alternative method.

What can I do to stop Netflix from charging me?

Canceling your Netflix account is the only way to get rid of Netflix charges. You can cancel your Netflix account by going to and clicking “Finish Cancellation“. When your current billing cycle ends, your Netflix account will automatically terminate.

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