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How do I permanently delete movies from my iTunes library?

Best Answer:

Open the iTunes app and find the item that you want to delete.

  1. For iPhones, hover over the item then tap More.
  2. For Macs, click on Remove from Library or Delete Download.

How to delete all songs in your iTunes music library

When you delete an item in iTunes, it doesn’t get deleted – instead, the item  is  hidden in the “iTunes Media  folder,” where it remains until you decide to permanently remove

it from your library. If you think that simply moving the songs to another folder or drive will make them disappear: think again!  

Moving a song to another folder on your computer doesn’t make it disappear completely – all songs remain listed in the “Music Library” tab of iTunes, even if they have been moved to other drives or folders and are no longer visible under the “Songs” tab. There’s only one way to get rid of  those  invisible  songs  – and  its  permanent. Here’s how to do it.

Create a new folder on your desktop (and label it “iTunes Junk”). Make sure your iTunes program is closed, then drag all of the songs you want to delete into that folder. Open iTunes, click on “File,” then click “Library” and choose “Organize Library.” Click the checkbox next to “Consolidate Files” and hit OK when prompted. This will permanently remove those  songs from your library – they’re gone for good!   If you have other content in your media folders that isn’t music, repeat these steps using  “Consolidate  Files  and Folders  instead of “Consolidate  Media.”

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A message will appear letting you know that this process may take a long time. While iTunes is busy remembering where it’s put all your files and getting rid of any duplicates, go ahead and have dinner or something. Once the file consolidation process  is  finished, an alert box will display asking you to confirm the deletion of any remaining files in your library (step 4) – make sure you hit OK!  

You may also want to go into the settings and drag your media folder to a different location.  This will ensure all of your other music is moved there as well, instead of moving it in just one direction. 🙂 Finally, save all of your files somewhere else – for example, on an external drive or hard-drive – so you don’t accidentally delete them again! If you created a new folder  to  hold  all  of  the  songs you deleted, feel free to delete it: there’s no need to keep a bunch of empty folders around!


How do I clean up my iTunes library?
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How to take care of your iTunes library
-Remove duplicates.
-Fix nassy songs.
-Give, notiing names to correctly labelled songs.
The payer will be downloaded >

How do I delete iTunes movies from my iPhone?

Using an iPhone or iPad
1. Open your Settings. .
2. Tap General.
3. Tap iPhone Storage.
4. Scroll down and tap TV or Videos, depending on the type of video you want to delete. … Tap Review iTunes Videos. …. Swipe left on the movie, show, and episode you want to delete. …. Tap Delete

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How do you delete and rebuild iTunes library?

The two critical settings you need to have enabled in iTunes are the Go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced. The preference for Movies should be unchecked.
Step 3: Search your computer for and delete your local copy of the iTunes database.
Step 4: Re-add all of your songs, videos, podcasts, etc., by opening up a new window or tab in File Explorer (or Finder) and dragging them into the iTunes sidebar directly on top of where it says “Music.”

What happens if I delete iTunes?

When you uninstall iTunes, you will not lose any of your music from the My Music folder since your library is only stored in there. However, I recommend copying your iTunes library to a separate folder for safekeeping.

Does deleting from iTunes library delete from computer?

Songs added to your iTunes library from folders on your computer delete if the song was purchased and downloaded.

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