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How do I permanently delete my FaceTime history?

Best Answer:
  1. The FaceTime app.
  2. On your Mac retains recent calls for a number of days.
  3. You can clear.
  4. The All and Missed panes by following these steps.
  5. Select FaceTime.
  6. From the Apple menu.
  7. Top left corner Remove Recents from All pane.
  8. Or Choose FaceTime from Dock.
  9. Then select Remove Recent Calls in Missed pane.

Launch FaceTime app. Tap on the Settings icon, which looks like a gear in the top-right corner of your screen. Under “General,” tap on “Clear History and Website Data.” Now you can select which categories you want to delete (such as calls or contacts). Once selected, tap on “Clear History” for all items and then confirm by tapping again on “Clear History.” If desired, you can toggle off both “Automatically Send Statistics to Apple” and/or “Share FaceTime Usage Analytics with App Developers” by clicking-on the corresponding OFF switch. This will not clear your history! Also note that if you have any apps installed that are using FaceTime for audio or video chat (like Skype), these apps may have additional settings that allow you to clear their data as well.

How do I permanently delete my Spotlight history?

Launch Spotlight app. Tap on the Settings icon, which looks like a gear in the top-right corner of your screen. Under “Search Results,” tap “Clear All.” Confirm by tapping “Clear Search History”. You can also press and hold down the Command key while clicking on one or more items that you want to remove from your search results, and then selecting “Remove” from the contextual menu (cannot be used for all results). Again, any apps installed that are using Spotlight for searching may have additional settings that allow you to clear their search history as well.

Can I make my iPhone faster?

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As with many technologies, it is normal for your device to slow down over time. This is due to the number and variety of applications installed on the phone as well as how much you use them. If your device is not working at peak performance, try some or all of these tips:

Apps running in the background can interfere with your iPhone’s performance. We recommend restarting (also known as rebooting) your iPhone every couple of days to keep it functioning smoothly. To do this, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and Home button simultaneously until you see a black screen with Apple logo. Let go when you see that screen (about 10 seconds).

How can I permanently delete my FaceTime history?

Apple has no direct means for users to permanently delete their Facetime call and message logs. But there is a way to do it — if you’re OK with clearing your entire iPhone history in one fell swoop. (And we’re not talking about calls or messages you made using third-party apps, like Facebook Messenger.)

This approach will delete all of the contacts in your iPhone’s address book. It won’t affect data from other services that use your phone number, such as iMessage and SMS text messaging. Nor should it erase anything from your iCloud storage account, which you can access using Apple’s Find My iPhone app. And because this method involves resetting the device itself, you’ll not only lose any saved data on your phone, but also Apple Pay settings and any credit cards tied to your phone’s FaceTime app.

All that said, here’s how to erase your iPhone history using a single step:

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1. Go into Settings > General > Reset. You’ll see the option to Erase All Content and Settings This will permanently erase everything on your device — apps, data and so on — by restoring it to factory settings. Doing this means you won’t be able to use Find My iPhone or other Apple services with the device, nor can you restore from an iCloud backup later down the road. When you choose this setting, make sure you know what kind of backup file is stored in iCloud (if any). Make sure not to select the “Erase iPhone” option by mistake.

2. When the reset is complete, set up your phone as a new device. You can either restore from an iCloud backup (if you have one) or follow Apple’s instructions on how to connect your Google account to the new phone and sync email, contacts and calendar appointments in order to transfer those over from an old Android phone. [See this support page for further details.]

3. After setting up the new iOS device, go into Settings > FaceTime > Contacts –> tap Contacts at the top of your screen and then select “Options.” Scroll down until you find “Frequent contacts,” which shows who you’ve contacted most frequently via Facetime. Tap it and select “Delete.”

To delete less-frequent contacts, tap “Select all” (or hold down on the screen until a checkmark appears to select each one) and then tap “Delete.”

4. To make sure your iPhone will not sync up call or message history with iCloud in future sessions, go into Settings > FaceTime > Contacts –> Options and turn off the toggle switch for “Sync Contacts,” which should be enabled by default. This will stop your iPhone from backing up FaceTime data to others’ devices in Apple’s cloud service. [See this support page for further details.]

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5. Next, open the Settings app again and navigate to General > Reset. You’ll see another option called Reset.


How do you permanently delete FaceTime history on iPhone?

To delete any FaceTime call log, tap the “Edit” button at the top right. In the menu that appears, scroll to and tap the individual call record you want to delete; if it is a normal phone call in process then you will see “Delete Call Logs for (name of friend or contact)”. The process is similar to that of deleting a normal phone call.

How do I permanently delete FaceTime calls?

To delete a call from the list of recent calls, you can swipe left on the call with two fingers on your trackpad. You can also select “Remove All Recents” using FaceTime.

How do you permanently delete call history on iPhone?

After opening the Phone app, find your recent calls in Recents. To delete an entire call history or a single call, tap Edit and use the Delete button for that purpose. If you want to clear all of your call history, tap Clear All Recents.

How do you delete FaceTime history on Mac?

To remove all FaceTime history, right-click on any call and choose Remove All Recents. Alternatively, click on the FaceTime menu and choose Remove All Recents.