How Do I Permanently Delete My Freefire Account?

You might have a Free Fire account that you may have wanted to delete desperately for a long time. Even with much effort, you might not have figured out a solution for your problem. But, don’t worry, You have come to the right place. Let me guide you to permanently delete your Freefire account.

Deleting a FreeFire might sound like a very complex job as there is no option to delete in the game. But there are loopholes from where you can delete your FreeFire Account. 

So, let’s head in further to know how do I permanently delete my FreeFire account. And how you can unlink your Free Fire account from your Facebook and Google accounts. 

Guide To Permanently Delete Your Freefire Account?

In most games, there is generally a delete button from where you can delete all your progress and delete your account. But deleting your account in FreeFire is not as simple as other games. Let me take you through the different ways of deleting your Free Fire account. 

Method 1: How To Permanently Delete Your Guest Freefire Account

It is easy if you use a Guest account. Deleting accounts linked with Facebook, Google, or other social media handles is tricky and takes patience. But with a guest account, you will be able to delete your account with just a few simple steps. 

Let me take you through the process of deleting your Free Fire Guest Account:

  • Go to File Manager, Find the ‘com.garena.msdk’ file, and delete it.
File Manager
  • Go to App Management and find Free Fire, or directly go to App Info of Free Fire.
  • Clear the Data and Cache of the App and restart your device
free fire storage option
  • After you open Free Fire, you can play with a new guest account.

Method 2: Permanently Delete FreeFire Account From Facebook

As I said, it is pretty tricky to delete your Account through Facebook, and it will take some time for Garena to delete it if you stay inactive within the period.

Regardless, let me take you through the steps to unlink and delete your account from Facebook.

  • Open your Facebook and go to your Profile.
  • Scroll Down in the Menu Section and Click on ‘Setting and Privacy.’
  • Go to Setting, and You will see ‘Apps and Websites’ under the Permission Section.
  • You will see the list of all apps connected to your Facebook account. 
facebook apps and websites
  • Find Garena Free Fire in the list.
  • Then click on it and select Remove.
garena free fire logged in with facebook
  • After unlinking from Facebook, your Free Fire account will get removed, but you can still access it when you log in with the same Facebook account.

If you want to permanently delete your account with this method, you must stay unlinked from Facebook for a couple of months before your account gets permanently deleted.

Method 3: Unlinking FreeFire Account from Google

Like Facebook and other social handles, unlinking your account doesn’t guarantee your account will be immediately but still, with some patience, your Googled-linked Free Fire account will be deleted. 

So, let me take you through the steps to unlink and delete your Free Fire account from Google.

  • Open your Gmail Account or Google.
  • Then, click on your profile and go to ‘Manage your Google Account.’
How Do I Permanently Delete My Freefire Account
  • Go to Data & Privacy and scroll down to ‘Third-party apps with account access.’’
  • Find Garena Free Fire among the list and then click on ‘Remove Access.’
How Do I Permanently Delete My Freefire Account
  • Now, press Ok to unlink your Google Account from FreeFire.

Unlinking your Google account from FreeFire is relatively easy, but this process won’t permanently delete your FreeFire account. You can still access it whenever you log in to FreeFire with your Gmail account. But if you stay inactive for a couple of months, Freefire will permanently delete your account.

FAQs on FreeFire Account

Can your Recover a FreeFire Guest Account?

Most of the time, when you are using a Guest account, there are chances of losing your account mainly due to a system upgrade or other causes. But currently, there is a feature in the game where you can recover your guest account.

Your game data is stored in your phone, not the game servers. So, if you still have the data on your phone, you can recover your Guest account. To recover your account go to settings, and at the bottom of Basic Information, you can see the recover button.

How many can Free Fire accounts be used in One Device?

So if you are wondering how many Free Fire accounts you use or register on one device, you can use up to ten accounts. If you are using Free Fire MAX, you will be allowed to use up to 20 accounts on one device.

But for people who play with a guest account, you can also use one guest account on one device in all versions of the app.

What are the differences between Free Fire and Free Fire MAX?

Both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX are the same game. But Free Fire MAX is just a better version of the Free Fire. If you are looking for better gameplay with higher resolution and enhanced graphics, you should be playing Free Fire MAX. But since the MAX version has better graphics, the app takes up much space in the storage, around 1.5 GB compared to 700MB of Free Fire, and it is also reported that the MAX version also takes more battery.

Can you play FreeFire on PC?

Garena Free Fire is available for iOS and Android devices, where most people play Free Fire. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, the developer also brought an alternative for the PC. To play Free Fire on PC, you have to download an emulator called LD Player, which you can download from the FreeFire website. After installing the emulator, you can download the app from Google Play inside the emulator. 

Can you play Free Fire on 2GB RAM?

Yes, you can run Free Fire on phones with 1GB RAM. The minimum requirement for the game and the recommended RAM is 2GB. The required operating system is Android 4.0.3, and the minimum level of Processor is a Mediatek MT6737M quad-core. With these requirements, you can play Free Fire on your Android phone.

Delete Your FreeFire Account in A Few Steps

Hopefully, we now have answered your queries about deleting a FreeFire account.

You can delete your FreeFire account in different ways depending on if you have a Guest account or if your account is linked with your social media handles.

We have let you through the possible ways and the overall process to deactivate your account. If you have any further queries, do let us know in the comment section below!

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