How Do I Permanently Delete My Meesho Account?

Why would you want to cancel or even deactivate your Meesho account? It is why you need to look at the options, and we will provide you with a quick and simple guide for closing your accounts or deactivating them. Meesho is most popular among Indian people because it only provides its services in India. But sometimes, you want to switch over to any other e-commerce platform, which is why you are more curious about how do I permanently delete my Meesho account.

Don’t worry. In this article, you will learn about the simple and easy stepwise guide to remove or delete your Meesho account. You can also learn how to delete your Chegg account permanently.

So, let’s dig deeper to look inside the article to find out how to delete your Meesho account.

What Is Meesho, And How Do I Permanently Delete My Meesho Account?

Meesho App enables anyone to make money by using products and services. This App is also straightforward to use and will empower ecosystem participants in India to build their platforms while providing access to all Indian citizens.

No amount of research or logic can bring Meesho’s products to your attention. All required is a transparent, assertive, yet subtle marketing approach. In other words, you manifest her products by subtly implying them just enough to make your customers want them.

The Meesho Website will not allow you to delete your account directly. It is true, but the longer you hold out wondering if it’s correct, the harder it’ll be to get rid of the annoying account. You could be stuck with a huge bill and an account that won’t allow you to delete it.

But don’t worry. Here we have given the most straightforward way to delete the Messho account permanently.

Step By Step Process To Delete Meesho Account Permanently

After you have lost faith in the Meesho app or you want to switch to another e-commerce platform, then follow these steps to delete your Meesho account:

  1. Login To Your Account
Login To Your Account

Login to your Meesho account and tap on the account option in the bottom right area of the screen.

  1. Select Help Menu
Select Help Menu

After that, there you will see a help button. Tap on the help button.

  1. Call The Customer Support Number
Call The Customer Support Number

Now, change the language if needed and call the customer support number. They will ask for the reason for deletion, answer them and they will give you a time duration in which your account will be deleted.

  1. Choose Email Support To Delete Your Account
Choose Email Support To Delete Your Account

The second option is their support email. Mail them “Email us at [email protected]” in the account menu.

  1. Write An Email
Write An Email

Now, write an email with the subject of the deletion of the account. In the description, choose any reasons. But if you want it simple, delete your Meesho account.

  1. Account Delete Confirmation
Account Delete Confirmation

After sending the email to their support, they will respond to you soon in which they will try to satisfy you by improving their services. Still, if you don’t want to continue your Meesho account, you can delete your Meesho app, and your credentials will revert automatically.


How do I delete my Meesho account?

You can delete your Meesho account by two methods.
1. Send an email through your registered email to [email protected] by asking to delete your account.
2. They will send you the confirmation email, and your account will be deleted.
3. Second, call their customer support number at +91-80617-99600 and request them to delete your Meesho account immediately.

Is it safe to add bank details in the Meesho app?

Yes! Meesho is entirely secure to use, and your bank details are safe. We request your bank details to pay you directly when your shop sells products through bank transfers.
Meesho is one of the most trusted brands in the marketplace. We take your security and privacy very seriously. When you create a Meesho account, we will only collect enough information from you to provide the services you request. Meesho does not store sensitive or personal information about you on our servers.

How do I change my Meesho phone number?

To change your Meesho phone number, simply login to your account and go to Settings. Select My Profile and then click on Edit Personal Info. You will see a field at the bottom of this page where you can enter your new Meesho number.
Or if this doesn’t work, call their customer support number +91-80617-99600 and request them to change your mobile number of Meesho account.

How do I log out of Meesho mobile app?

If you are using Meesho on the website, then these steps will make you logout from your account:

1. Open the website where your account is signed in
2. Choose the logout option among many options and categories
3. In the main menu, scroll down to where the logout option is given; click on it, and you will be logged out from your account.

If you are using Meesho mobile app, these steps will guide you to logout from your device:
1. Find the Meesho app on your smartphone
2. Tap for a long time, and an option will appear to choose the app info option from them
3. You will be in the settings section, where you need to choose the “clear data” of the Meesho app
4. After clearing all the data, your account credentials will be removed from the app.


It is about time everyone wants to choose a better e-commerce patform or stop buying from online platforms. It is due to low product qualities and warranty issues. 

That is why some people are searching on the web about how do I permanently delete my Meesho account so they can switch their buying to the offline market where they have at least quality assurance.

You just need to do what is mentioned in this steps guide to delete your Meesho account, and you will be free from the stress of the account not being deleted.

If you find this guide helpful, kindly share your thoughts in the comment.

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