How Do I Permanently Delete My Mobile Legends Account?

One of the most popular and unique multiplayer online battle arena games is Mobile Legends. As per the game authority, more than 100 million players play this game monthly.

Since last winter in 2021, the game developers sold the studio to Bytedance without their users knowing. In that action, the Mobile legends player were angry and wanted to leave their most loved game behind.

Since that news, the new owners of Moonton studio technology decided to turn off the game account option. That is where most ML users are triggered and trying to wonder about “how do I permanently delete my Mobile Legends account.”

This article will teach you how to get rid of your Mobile Legend account. So, let’s jump into the article to find out how to delete the Mobile legend account.

You may also learn how to permanently delete an ML account on Google Play.

What Are Mobile Legends Accounts, And How Do I Permanently Delete them?

Mobile Legends is a game that allows its users to have a backup with multiple accounts. Among these accounts you can attach your game with include Facebook, VK, TikTok, and Google play games. 

However, an option for a Moonton account is also based on your email. If you don’t want to connect your game with any of these third-party accounts, then you have only the option of a Moonton account to get your game progress synced with.

After the announcement that Bytedance bought Moonton studio, the user got no access to the delete account option. The irony is they steal the fundamental right of a game user to delete their account, and that’s stressful for millions of Mobile Legends users.

So, you might be among those who want to leave this ultimate game. Don’t worry! You have come to the right place.

The step-by-step guide below is the right and only solution to permanently remove the attached game account. Let’s move inside the steps and learn to solve your problem quickly.

Steps To permanently Delete Mobile Legends Account.

Please follow the quick steps below by scanning each one and applying it to your account:

  1. Open Mobile Legends Game
Open Mobile Legends Game

Unlock your smartphone and open the game by locating it in the main menu. Tap on the game logo.

  1. Enable Your Internet Connection And Wait
Enable Your Internet Connection And Wait

Before entering the game, make sure that you have a working internet connection. Because this is a multiplayer online game without the internet, it can’t get open.

  1. Tap On Your Profile Avatar
Tap On Your Profile Avatar

Once the game opens, you should find your profile avatar at the top left corner of the screen. Tap on the profile logo, and your main profile statistics and settings will open.

  1. Tap On Accounts Option
Tap On Accounts Option

In the primary profile setting, you will see an account option at the bottom of the list on the left side of the screen. Tap on the account option of the Mobile Legends game.

  1. Tap On Account Center
Tap On Account Center

Now you will see multiple third-party accounts list on which some might be attached and some not. 

Maybe on your side, all are attached to the game to ensure you don’t lose your progress. Tap on the account center in the right corner below the security rating.

  1. Choose Disconnect Third-Party Account
Choose Disconnect Third-Party Account

In the account center, you have two options: disconnect all your accounts or disconnect one by one. If you want to get rid of some third-party accounts, tap on the “disconnect third-party account” option.

  1. Select Connected Accounts One By One
Select Connected Accounts One By One

Once you fulfill the previous option, you can now choose any account that you think is no more helpful to you. Tap on that account that is currently connected to your game.

  1. Choose The Suitable Disconnection Option
Choose The Suitable Disconnection Option

You will have two options to disconnect the account via a link on your email or your connected account. Well, now it depends on you which option is more suitable for you.

  1. Choose Disconnect All Devices For Once At All
Choose Disconnect All Devices For Once At All

If you want to remove all accounts at once, you can choose the disconnect all devices option in the account center. After that, you need to go to your social media account and permanently delete the saved progress of Mobile Legends from the connected apps section.


How Can You Delete The Complete Mobile Legend Data?

You can delete all your game data by following the steps below:
1. Open google play games on your mobile by locating them in the Google apps section
2. Tap on the three-line option
3. Choose more and then tap on settings
4. Locate and delete play games data by simply tapping on it
5. Find the Mobile legends among all game’s saved data and tap on the delete button
6. Confirm the deletion process

How Can I Delete My Mobile Legends Moonton account?

Since many ML players were leaving the game due to a conflict of game studio transfer, ML developers turned off the ML account deletion option. So you may not be able to remove the Moonton account, but you can delete all third-party accounts.

How Do I Connect Third-Party Accounts To Mobile Legends?

Follow the quick steps below to delete third-party accounts from Mobile Legends:
1. Open your ML game on your mobile phone
2. Tap on the profile logo 
3. Open the account option by tapping on it
4. Open account center option
5. Choose to disconnect third-party accounts option
6. Now select the third-party account which you want to disconnect
7. Tap on disconnect via email
8. Now open an email and open the link to remove the account

Can Data Clearance From App Removes Mobile Legends Game Progress?

Clearing cache and data from the apps manager on your smartphone will only free the storage from your phone but not the game progress because the game progress can only be deleted from inside the game through account removal.


Mobile Legends is a fun game where tw2o teams play with five on each side, but if you are fed up with this game, don’t worry. The guide above is about how you can permanently delete your Mobile Legends account. You must have solved your query by reading the article.

You must follow the steps explained in the guide with pictures so that you might not get in any trouble. If you like the content, share your feedback in the comment section below. 

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