How Do I Permanently Delete My Outlook Email Account?

Outlook is a great app that enables easy access to emails. Many workplaces encourage the use of Outlook when accessing work emails. But how do you permanently delete an Outlook email account? In workplaces, people take leaves, and when you are away, you will not know who will access the workplace computer you were using. In such a situation, it is better to delete your outlook email account to prevent anyone from accessing your emails. If you don’t know how to achieve that, read this article!

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steps to permanently Delete Outlook Email Account by Closing Microsoft Outlook account

If you want to delete your outlook email permanently, you may need to delete your outlook Microsoft account. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Outlook website that enables you to close the Microsoft account.
  2. Once the website opens, use your Microsoft account to log in.
  3. Find the Close Your Account option and tap on it.
Find the Close Your Account option and tap on it.
  1. Enter the required credentials on the next page that opens up.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions carefully to complete the process of deleting your Microsoft account.

The Microsoft team will give you thirty days before closing your account to allow you access your account if you change your mind.

  1. After the period, select the Mark Account for Closure option after reading the instructions on the page.

Once you close the Microsoft account, it will permanently delete your Outlook email account. Meaning you cannot access any messages. Moreover, because a Microsoft account links several services like Skype, you may be unable to access any of those services. Therefore, before undertaking the above steps, be aware of the consequences.


Can I Permanently Delete My Outlook Email Account?

Yes. If you want to delete your Outlook email account, you must close your Microsoft account, which leads to your email deletion. Closing a Microsoft account means if you are connected to various services like Skype, you will get disconnected, and all your messages get deleted completely. Another method of deleting your outlook email account is from the Outlook account settings.

What Will Happen If I Delete My Outlook Email Account?

Once your email account is removed from Outlook, your access to your email and the account is terminated. The email account will no longer receive notifications, nor will you use it to send emails. The messages may not get deleted and can be accessed when you log in again, but everything will get lost if you delete the Microsoft account. If you plan to delete a Microsoft account, create a backup first.

Can I Delete My Microsoft Outlook Account?

Yes. When you close a Microsoft outlook account, you have completely deleted it. You can do this by visiting the Microsoft website for Outlook and logging in using the Microsoft outlook credentials. You can select the close account option. And will be taken to a page requiring you to follow prompts to close your account.

Why Is My Account Not Getting Removed from Outlook?

Sometimes you may notice that your email account cannot get removed from Outlook. In such a case, the email account you remove may be the default one. You need to add another account, set it as the default account, then try again to remove the previous one by clicking on start after opening Outlook and selecting the mail icon. You will see an option to delete it from the Account settings section.

Can I Change the Primary Account in Outlook?

Changing the primary email account in Outlook is easy when you know the steps. You must log into Outlook and select the start button. Tap the Control panel option and hit the mail icon. Go to the Account settings and choose to remove all secondary accounts. Select the primary account, delete it, go to the Data files section, and add another primary account. You must set it as the default after adding it.


When you want to delete your Outlook email account, it can be challenging when you don’t know how to achieve that. Maybe it is a work computer you were using and planning to take a break for a while. If another person logs into the computer, he may get access to all your emails. Therefore, learning how to delete an Outlook email account is essential.

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