How Do I Permanently Delete My TextNow Account?

TextNow is a popular app that helps users make calls and texts over the internet without charging extra costs. What makes the platform stand out is the feature that lets users use a virtual phone number to call or text any other person through the internet without any network coverage. You can use multiple virtual numbers over a period on TextNow to connect to different people online. Due to the freedom, sometimes people go out of the way, make unnecessary calls and texts, and wonder about deleting their TextNow accounts. In this article, we will take you through if it is possible to delete your TextNow account and how you can do it. Read this article until the end to get the answer to your query: “How Do I Permanently Delete My TextNow Account?”

Can you permanently delete your TextNow Account?

Unfortunately, TextNow doesn’t allow you to delete your account permanently. The platform has no specific ‘Delete My Account’ button. The main reason TextNow doesn’t allow you to delete your account permanently is due to undisclosed legal reasons. 

Although there are ways from which you can delete your information which works practically like deleting your account, the presence of your account will remain in their database.  

Steps to Delete TextNow account

You can’t delete your TextNow account with just a button press like all other social media accounts. Without a ‘Delete Your Account’ button, deleting your TextNow account gets a little trickier. You have to work around another method that allows you to have the same effect as deleting your account. Although your account won’t get technically deleted, you can use this method if you want to Delete your TextNow account:

  1. Open the Text Now homepage.
  2. Cancel any Paid Subscriptions.
  3. Click on the settings icon.
  4. Click Account and head over to change your personal information.
  5. Change your name to ‘DELETE MY DATA’ and change the email address to ‘[email protected]
How Do I Permanently Delete My TextNow Account
  1. Click Save.
  2. Now Go to Security and Login and Tap on Log out of all devices.
How Do I Permanently Delete My TextNow Account
  1. Now all the account data won’t be traced back to you, acting like the account has been deleted.

FAQs On TextNow Account

How long does it take for a TextNow number to expire?

While the TextNow number doesn’t expire, ensure you stay active almost every two days if you want to keep the number. Use the number for an outgoing call or text at least every day or once every two days. If you’re going to keep the number, stay active, and don’t keep your account dormant for long. But if you want to reassign yourself to a new number, you can do it once every fifteen days.

Can I get my old TextNow number back?

No, you cannot get your old TextNow number back. If you lose access to any number, there is no assurance that you can get the same number back. You will be assigned a new phone number for your account. And you will have an option of choosing from around ten numbers which are randomly picked based on your area code. You can release the number and choose a different number once every 15 days.

Can the TextNow number be traced back to your phone?

Yes, once you use a TextNow number, it can be fully traced back to your phone. TextNow saves the users’ IP addresses and identities based on the details used for registration. Although the numbers can be traced, they only can find your general area location. Whereas police can track your email, name, and IP address log through your TextNow number.

How many times can you change your number on TextNow?

There is no limit to how many times you can change your number on TextNow. You can change your number on the app as many times as you want, but you will only be allowed to change it once every 15 days. Remember, it is irreversible once you change your number, and you can’t get your old number back.

Does TextNow block spam accounts?

Yes, TextNow has the full authority to block accounts that they feel are used for spam or fraudulent activities. To make TextNow a safe platform for everyone, TextNow blocks the people using the platform for any spamming activities. Occasionally, TextNow also goes through the servers to look for people engaged in such activities.

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