How Do I Permanently Delete YouTube App?

A new phone comes with loads of built-in apps that we seldom have any use for. Sometimes, we can’t even uninstall some of those due to them being associated with the phone’s OS, YouTube, for example. But when we’re short on space, it’s “ride or die,” so we got to work something out. This post will explore various roundabout ways to uninstall default apps like YouTube.  In this article, we’ll explain How Do I Permanently Delete YouTube App.

Permanently Deleting YouTube App from Android: Step-by-Step Guide

The problem with permanently deleting the YouTube app from your Android is that many phones won’t let you delete the system apps from the phone. YouTube is a system app like that, which is usually preinstalled in most android phones, along with other basic google apps. To get rid of YouTube for good, follow the steps below,

  • Step 1: Go to Play Store from your phone. 
Go to Play Store from your phone
  • Step 2: On the search box on top of the screen, look up “YouTube” and then tap on it.
On the search box on top of the screen, look up YouTube then tap on it
  • Step 3: After the app download page opens, hit “Uninstall.”
After the app download page opens, hit Uninstall
  • Step 4: Choose “Uninstall” again in the dialog box too.
Choose Uninstall again in the dialog box too

And the app and all the stored data and updates will be removed from the phone. To reinstall the app on your device, search YouTube in Play Store and, this time, select “Install.

An alternative way to Remove YouTube from your Android

You may not want to delete the app altogether; if you think you’ll have to reinstall it later. To temporarily disable the app, act as follows, 

  • Step 1: Enter the “Settings” for your Android. 
Enter the Settings for your Android
  • Step 2: Scroll, select “Apps” from the menu, and tap “Manage Apps.
then tap on Manage Apps
  • Step 3: Search “YouTube” or scroll till you find the app. Then, press it to open the App Information page. 
Search YouTube, or scroll till you find the app
  • Step 4: Go for “Clear data” first, which you’ll find at the bottom, and Select “Clear all data.
Select Clear all data
  • Step 5: A dialog box will appear from the bottom to confirm the operation; hit “OK.”
A dialog box will appear from the bottom to confirm the operation hit OK
  • Step 6: Finally, press on “Force Stop;” similarly, you’ll be asked to finalize this by selecting “OK” again.
How Do I Permanently Delete YouTube App

And that’s about it. You may just want to jump the gun and force-stop the app, but without clearing previously saved data, YouTube will continue to take up a lot of space in your phone. 

Since the “Force stop” feature only ensures that the app won’t run in the background anymore, and thus, it won’t ask for updates, use up battery or send annoying notifications. It doesn’t clear up space. You need to do both to get a functioning alternative for uninstalling. 

To enable YouTube again, start using the app as before.

Uninstalling YouTube from your PC

  • Step 1: Open the BlueStacks app on your computer, and go to the Homepage.
  • Step 2: Click the 3 dots beside the label “Installed Apps.” And choose “Delete Apps.
How Do I Permanently Delete YouTube App
  • Step 3: All the installed apps will have a little red cross on the left corner of their icon; click the cross for YouTube.
How Do I Permanently Delete YouTube App
  • Step 4: A popup will open to confirm whether you want to proceed with the uninstallation process. Click “Yes.” And the deed will be done.
How Do I Permanently Delete YouTube App

However, this method only works if you’re using YouTube on your computer through BlueStacks. If you were using the retail extension to install the app, then go to Control Panel> Programs> Uninstall a Program. Then find YouTube from the list of software and double-click upon discovering it, or press “enter.” A popup box will appear; follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

FAQs On Permanently Deleting YouTube App

Why Can’t I uninstall the YouTube app from my phone?

 Many devices don’t allow the system apps to be deleted. They come already installed with the phone, and you only get to stop the app’s actions in the background or clear the data from the system. In order to delete such pre-installed apps like Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Calendar, File Manager, etc., you’ll have to resort to indirect ways.

How to activate incognito mode on my YouTube?

 Incognito mode is designed to protect your privacy. On Android, go to YouTube and click on the profile icon from the top right of the screen. From the list of options, tap “Turn on Incognito,” and it’ll be activated. In the web version, go to history and select “Pause watch history.” Then your history won’t be saved, and YouTube won’t recommend videos based on them.

Where are the dislike counts on YouTube videos?

You can’t view the dislike counts anymore; YouTube has restricted access to this information from the public to reduce negativity and targeted hate toward content creators. And it has produced great feedback, so this feature is pretty much permanent. 

Can I block ads on YouTube?

You can skip it after the “Skip Ad” button pops up on the screen. But there isn’t any safe option to block ads from YouTube. However, you can choose to subscribe to YouTube Premium, which offers ad-free browsing and many more exclusive YouTube originals.

Concluding Thoughts

When we don’t have use for an app, it’s better to get rid of it rather than letting it hog space in the RAM. With the rising popularity of streaming services, we hardly have time to browse YouTube. If you were having trouble deleting it from your device, we hope this post helped you solve it.

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