How Do I Recover A Deleted Google Authenticator?

Losing your Google authenticator could cause intense panic, especially if you try using an app linked to your Google authenticator app. You might have fiddled with other alternatives that seemed to be the holy grail of recovering your Google authenticator but turned out to be a rock. No more hassle to recover deleted Google authenticator.

If you’re reading this article, today is your lucky day! We’ll guide you through this process successfully.

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How Do I Recover A Deleted Google Authenticator?

Suppose you’ve mistakenly deleted your Google authenticator or reset your phone to default. In that case, you can recover your Google Authenticator codes with a few clicks and taps. However, you can’t restore your Google authenticator if you don’t have a backup of your codes. If you have a backup of your codes, let’s start the recovery process.

Method 1: Manual Entry Of Code

As the name of this method sounds, you will have to enter a code into your Google authenticator.

Step 1

Open the Google Authenticator app; if you’ve not installed it, go to the Google Play store and install it.

Step 2

Get ready with the backup code to continue the process.

Step 3

Take a walk through the on-screen tutorial.

Step 4

Tap on the Begin button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 5

Tap on Manual Entry – you’ll find it at the left corner of your screen below the scan barcode option.

Step 6

Enter your Backup Code from your previous Google Authenticator app.

Step 7

Enter your Account Name – if you don’t have your account name or code, you can’t move forward with this recovery process.

Step 8

Wait for a successful pop-up, then go back to the Google Authenticator app homepage and request authentication through Gmail or other Google Authenticator-compatible apps.

That’s all for this method. Your Google Authenticator is ready to receive new codes from linked apps.

Method 2: Using Gmail’s Desktop Version

You’ll need a desktop and an internet connection for this method. If you’ve got the two necessary things ready, carefully follow the steps below to recover your deleted Google Authenticator.

Step 1

Download the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone if you’ve not installed it. If there’s an existing one on your mobile phone, skip the downloading process.

Step 2

Get your Backup Code ready for the next step.

Step 3

Open Google Chrome (or any other web browser on your desktop). The web browser you’d use for this process is the one that doesn’t log in to your Gmail without requesting login details (automatic login).

Step 4

Navigate to

Step 5

Enter your Email And Password to sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 6

When redirected to the verification page, click on Try Another Way beside the next button.

Step 7

Click on Enter One Of Your 8-digit Backup Codes below the Google Authenticator app verification option.

Step 8

Enter your 8-digit Code correctly into the box that’s provided for it.

Step 9

Once your code is confirmed, wait to be redirected to your Gmail account.

Step 9

Go to your primary email and search for an unread message from Google with New Sign-in Using A Backup Code headline.

Step 10

Open the email from Google.

Step 11

Click on the Update Two-step Verification Settings link on the body of the email.

Step 12

Login with your details once you’re prompted.

Step 13

Click on the Change Phone Link.

Step 14

If your phone is an Android, tick the Android option. If it’s an iPhone, tick the iPhone option.

Step 15

Open the installed Google Authenticator app on your mobile device.

Step 16

Tap on begin setup at the bottom of your screen after walking through the on-screen tutorial.

Step 17

Tap on the Scan Barcode option above the manual entry option.

Step 18

Grant the Google Authenticator app permission to use your camera.

Step 19

Place your camera in front of the barcode on your desktop to scan the code.

Step 20

Wait for the scanning process to be completed. If successful, it’ll appear in numbers.

Step 21

If you can’t scan the code on your desktop, tap on the Can’t Scan It option below the barcode. On your Google Authenticator app, tap on “Enter A Provided Key“.

Step 22

On your computer, click on Next. You should do this if the barcode has been passed.

Step 23

Enter the Displayed Code on your mobile device into the text field on your desktop screen 

Step 24

Click on Verify at the right corner of your desktop screen.

Step 25

You’re done with the recovery process. Click on Done to leave the screen.

Your Google authenticator code has now been synchronized with your phone and desktop. You can now use the Google Authenticator app on your devices.

Method 3: Using Google’s Account Help Option

Using this method will require effort from you and Google to recover your deleted Google authenticator. Use the steps below to recover it.

Step 1

Go to and go to the sign-in page, and tap next.

Step 2

Enter your password on the next page and tap Next.

Step 3

On the verification page, tap on the Try Another Way option at the left corner of your screen.

Step 4

From the list of options, tap on “Get Help”.

Step 5

Tap on Request Google Help.

Step 6

Answer all questions related to your Google account correctly.

Step 7

Enter your recovery email into the text box.

Step 8

Confirm your recovery email by entering the code sent to your recovery email.

Step 9

Tap on Done after filling out the optional additional information about the problem you’re facing.

After filling out the form and submitting it, wait for a follow-up email from Google to complete the Google authenticator recovery process.


What Happens If I Mistakenly Delete My Google Authenticator App On My Phone?

The Google Authenticator app is a 2-factor authentication app that sends a code to registered users before they can access their apps linked with the Google Authenticator app. Deleting it from your device will result in you not accessing those apps anymore, which could be a permanent situation if you don’t back up your code.

Does Google Authenticator App Backup Code?

No, Google Authenticator does not back up these codes for their authenticator app users as it believes that creating a backup copy of these codes would lead to vulnerability. Though users can store these codes: they can be stored or saved externally for recovery purposes by the users.

Where Do I Find My Google Authenticator QR Code?

You can find your Google authenticator QR code on the dashboard with instructions to download the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device before the final step for the authenticator based 2 step verification app is enabled for device administrators apps that use the Google Authenticator for sign-in verification.

Can I Use Google Authenticator On Two Devices?

Yes, you can use the Google Authenticator app on multiple devices simultaneously without any glitches. Using the authenticator on numerous phones is recommended in emergencies, such as when one device is damaged or stolen and you need to authenticate yourself using the Google authenticator app.

How Long Does A Google Verification Code Remain Valid?

The Google verification code is valid for 30 seconds. Suppose you’re using this as an authentication option. In that case, you must keep the device receiving the code within close reach before the 30-second expiration time elapses. You can, however, request another one after the 30-second window has passed.


If you accidentally deleted your Google Authenticator app on your device and want to recover it, this article has assisted you in recovering it. You can share your thoughts and ask questions if you have any, and we’ll respond to them.

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