How do I recover my Moonton account?

It is expected that sometimes people log out of their accounts without linking them. The players often forget their account login credentials and fail to log in or access their Moonton account. Are you one of these players who mistakenly logged out of their Moonton accounts, and now they do not remember the credentials and looking for how to recover their Moonton Account? If yes, then do not worry because we have got your back. 

You will read all the ways to get your account back in your hands quickly in a few steps. All you need to do is read this article until the end and guide yourself to access your account in just a few minutes. Let’s start without wasting any more time. 

How Do I Recover My Moonton Account?

The recovery process of the Moonton account depends on the progress you have made in your account. If you have a long and we’ll record it in the game, this process could take a while. On the other hand, if you do not have any notable achievements or are a new player in the game, it would not take much time. Follow the step-by-step process made for your convenience to get your lost Moonton account back in hand. 

Step 1- Login with an Alternate Account

You have lost one Moonton account; you would not want to lose your progress in the game. You need to log in from an alternate account to be back in again. The most important thing is to access the game Menu so that you can speed up the process. 

How do I recover my Moonton account?

Step 2- Search your account.

Make sure you remember your In-game name (IGN) and account ID. You can search your account and account credentials using the “add friends.” You can search the account ID or In-game term and click or tap on the “Check” button.

Step 3- Head back to the lobby

Once you have checked your lost account information, head back to the main lobby. 

Step 4- Access the account settings

Now that you have headed back to the game’s main lobby, you need to access the account settings. You will see the profile icon on the screen, tap it or click it to go to the account settings. 

Step 5- Account Center

Go to the “Account” tab and click on the “Account center” option to proceed further. 

Step 6- Retrieve Account

You will see the option of retrieving the account in the account tab. Tap on “Retrieve Account” to start the process of the retrieval system. 

Step 7- Select the In-game Information

Once you have clicked the option of Account retrieval, you will be directed to a website from where you can retrieve your account. You will see the possibility of “In-game Information Verification.” Tap on it. 

Step 8- Add the Details

This step will require the credentials of your lost account, i.e., In-game name and ID. Fill in the necessary and salient details to complete the process. You have the four-digit number or code in your account ID; this code or number is known as your server ID. 

Step 9- Answer the Questions You Are Asked.

After a successful verification, you will be asked multiple questions regarding the lost account. Questions will be about the achievements you have made in the game, the skins you own in the game, your collection of badges, etc. 

Moonton account

Step 10- Access Granted.

If you answer all these questions successfully, you will successfully access your lost account again. You can get back in the game with a new form and spirit. 

Moonton account recovery success

Step 11- Link Your Account.

Lastly, do not forget to link your account to all the social media platforms you use to prevent future losses.

How Do I Recover My Moonton Email?

Are you having difficulties accessing your Moonton email? If yes, you can erase all your worries now because there are simple, quick, and easy steps to recover your Moonton email. 

Step 1- Visit the Website

First, you need to visit the Moonton website if you cannot access your Moonton email. You will see the linked option of “Forgot your password?.” Click on that option.

Step 2- Enter your Email

A page will open on your screen that requires your email. You can enter either your phone number or email address in the bar. Then click on the “Next” option on the page. 

Step 3- Follow Instructions.

You need to follow the instructions if you want to recover your Moonton email. Follow the steps you are told on the page. You will eventually heal your Moonton email in the end. 


How can you transfer your Moonton account?

You must provide account access if you want to transfer your Moonton account. The account access is the password and email of your Moonton account. You can select any device to transfer your Moonton account to. 

How can you change your Moonton account?

Changing the Moonton account was never difficult. You can do it easily by entering the settings menu and entering the new credentials in the required fields. Then save the information. 

Can you change your email on Moonton?

Yes, you can change your email on the Moonton account anytime. Make sure that you do not do it frequently. Log in to your Moonton account and click on the tab “Profile.” You will see the heading “Email address” type your new email address under this heading. Then click on the option of “Update.” Your email address will be changed. 


Losing a gaming account is undoubtedly a big mess if you have notable achievements, skins, and badges in the game. Have you lost your Moonton account, and you are asking yourself, How do I recover my Moonton account? If yes, this article has provided every tiny detail to retrieve your Moonton account through quick and easy steps. You can return your account by following these steps and answering the questions asked.

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