How Do I Recover My Shein Account?

Shein is a fashion site that offers high-quality clothes and accessories at low prices. When you sign up for a Shein account, you will be asked to enter your email address and password. If you can’t remember the details of your account, don’t worry! This article has a simple process to help you get back in. This article includes a detailed guide on How Do I Recover My Shein Account.

Step-by-Step Guide on Recovering Your Shein Account

If you follow clothing and fashion trends, you will know that Shein has seized the fast fashion industry by storm. Many individuals open accounts and take advantage of special discounts for new clients. You might be familiar with Shein as a website selling stylish apparel at reasonable costs. 

On the other hand, Shein is a worldwide fashion firm focusing on Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, and other consumer areas. Shein has sold its products in over 220 countries and areas worldwide since 2008. This makes it a first-hand target for hackers to steal your order and other things. 

It is also possible that you are unable to login into your account. It may result from a forgotten or misplaced password. What if you’ve lost access to your Shein account and need to retrieve it? You can recover your Shein account with the simple steps we discussed below:

Recovering your Shein Account via PC or Mobile App

Suppose you plan to recover your Shein account with your PC. In that case, you must access the webpage regardless of the changes you want to make to your Shein account. If you want to access the webpage, open your web browser and type in on the address bar. 

You can do this in any browser as long as you have an internet connection. But if you plan to recover your Shein account on your mobile app. It’s also possible as the Shein mobile app is open to Android and iOS users. For the mobile app, you can download it from Playstore for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Here’s how to recover your Shein account on a desktop or mobile:

  1. Open your browser and go to the Shein marketplace. In the case of mobile, locate your Shein mobile app and tap to open it.
Open your browser and go to the Shein marketplace
  1. At the marketplace homepage, check the upper right corner for the “me” logo beside the Shein logo and click on it for a drop-down. Likewise, the “me” icon is at the bottom right corner of the app’s homepage. From the list of drop-down options, click on Sign in/Register.
How Do I Recover My Shein Account
  1. You can log in or register a new account here, and since you have an account, select your country under the sign-in space. Type in your email and the last password you remember.
select your country under the sign-in space
  1. Click on Sign in, and you may get an incorrect password message. If you do, click on the “forgot password” button below the Sign in button.
How Do I Recover My Shein Account
  1. An interface will load where you will input the email you used to register your Shein account. Click on continue after inputting the email.
Register your Shein account and click on continue after inputting the email
  1. Check your email inbox for the reset password link sent by Shein. View the message and click on the link in the message to reset your password.
click on the link in the message to reset your password
  1. On the interface that loads after clicking the link, input a new password, confirm the password, and click Save.
On the interface that loads after clicking the link and input a new password then confirm the password and click Save
  1. Go to the Sign in page, input your email and the new password, and then click on Sign in to access your account.
How Do I Recover My Shein Account

You have successfully recovered your account on your PC with the following processes. The process is similar but slightly different when you want to recover your Shein account on your mobile. The only difference is that you access your Shein account via browser for PC and via app for mobile. Also, the “me” logo for the mobile app position differs from that of the desktop.

FAQs On Shein Account

How Do I Get Back My Old Shein Account Back?

Getting your Shein old account back is effortless with a few clicks. As long as you remember the email you used with your account, you can get it back with the forgot password option. Input your email to get a reset password link in your inbox. Then use the new password to access the account back.

What Happens if I Delete My Shein Account?

Before you can delete your Shein account, the company will send you a code to your email. You will then need to enter the code on the website to confirm that you want to delete your Shein account. Because when you do, you’ll lose all your communication records, files, and images.

How Do I Verify My Email With Shein?

Verifying your email with Shein is a one-time thing you do when opening an account with Shein. When you create an account, an email will be sent to your inbox to verify your account. Go to your inbox to open the mail and click on I’m official to verify your email. Confirming your email will earn you 100 points which you can check on the “me” tab.

How Do I Change My Shein Email?

There’s currently no option that lets you change your email on Shein. But if you still wish to change your email, you can write to the support team to help delete your account. This will enable you to open a new account with your desired email.

How Do You Log Out of Shein on Your Mobile?

You can easily log out of your account on your profile page. To access your profile option, click on the “me” button and tap on the gear button in the upper right corner. Scroll down to click on sign out.


In order to recover your lost Shein account, remember that your email is vital. If you lost access to your email or forgot the email you registered with, it’s impossible to recover such an account. Contact Shein support if you remember your email and can not recover the account.

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