How Do I Reduce My Tata Sky Package?

There are different packages under Tata sky. We can either opt for TV and broadband or either one of them. There are different ranges of packages with different numbers of channels included in them. We can easily reduce our Tata sky package if we want to. In this article, you can find other ways by which you can reduce your Tata sky package.

Different ways to Reduce the Tata Sky Package

  1. You can try to bundle the different services from other suppliers to get a good discount. By doing this method, you can save a lot of your money on your Tata sky package.
  2. Try to use the promotional offers that Tata Sky provides. Use these offers to earn more discounts.
  3. Try to reduce the use of TV and try to see more shows and movies online. By this, you can reduce the streaming on the Tata Sky app.
  4. Try to cancel the services that are not used by you that often. By getting rid of unwanted services, you can reduce the package.
  5. Use the VPN to save on the cost of live streaming and watching sports.

By using these methods, you can reduce your Tata sky package.

Delete or Cancel Specific Services On Tata Sky Package

Follow the steps below if you want to delete or cancel specific services on the Tata Sky package.

  • Step 1: Go to the Sky app.

Log in to your My Tata Sky app. You can either log in via broadband or TV.

  • Step 2: Your package

After opening the My Tata Sky account, go to your package settings. Then follow the link to make the necessary changes to your package.

Thus you can reduce your Tata Sky Package without hassle.

FAQs on Sky Package

How can I cancel my Tata Sky HD package?

To cancel your Tata Sky HD package, you have to contact Tata Sky directly. It will take 31 days as a notice period before it gets canceled.

How do I remove Tata Sky Sports from my package?

In order to remove your Tata Sky Sports from your Tata Sky Package, the only way is to get in touch with them through the phone instead of sending emails or chats. Get on a phone call with Tata Sky customer care and tell them your issues.

Do I have to pay for Sky HD?

Yes, you have to pay for Tata Sky HD. And HD channels cost more than SD channels. HD channels have high visual quality than SD channels. But SD channels are cheap compared to HD channels.

Which HD channels are free on Sky?

There are a few HD channels that are free on Tata Sky. That includes BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, and Channel 4 HD. These three HD channels are free on your Tata Sky package; you don’t need to pay extra charges for these channels.

Can you get free channels on Sky Box?

Yes, you can get 200+ free channels on the Tata Sky package, including BBC channels.  And above that, many radio channels are also available on Tata Sky Box. And some of the news and shopping channels are also free to watch.


By now, you will be aware of the methods by which you can reduce your Tata sky package. Try any of the methods stated above and reduce your Tata sky package. Try to stream more online than offline method. Thus you can reduce a lot on your Tata Sky Package.

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