How Do I Remove A Device From My Amazon Account?

Amazon has become a popular platform for enjoying different services and shopping online. You can order anything from the platform without leaving your house except for picking up the order. In addition, you can log in to your account using Amazon Prime from different devices. Sometimes, you might also share your Amazon Prime account with other people. This article includes a detailed guide on How Do I Remove A Device From My Amazon Account.

But sometimes, you might regret someone using your account and want to remove a specific device from your Amazon account. You can easily remove any device you wish from your Amazon Account. This article will take you through removing a device from your Amazon Account.

Remove a Device from your Amazon Account

So, let’s first go through how you can remove a device from your Amazon account if you want to remove any unwanted device from your account. But if you want to stop someone from using your account, you can remove the device from your Amazon account and change your account password. So, let’s move forward to the steps to remove a device from the Amazon account.

  1. Head over to Manage Your Content and Devices and log into your account.
  2. Click on Devices.
Click on Devices
  1. Select a device you want to remove and Click on Deregister.
Select a device you want to remove and Click on Deregister

After deregistering the device, the removed device will be logged out from your Amazon account, but they can still log in if they have the login credentials, but they might need to register a new device when they try to log in.

Remove a Device from your Amazon Prime

How can you remove a device from Amazon Prime? You can deregister if you don’t want a device using your Amazon Prime account. The steps to remove a device are simple; with a few taps, you can remove any device from your Amazon Prime. Here is how you can Remove a device from Amazon Prime.

  1. Open the Prime Video App and click on My Stuff from the bottom right.
  2. Click on Account & Settings from the top right. 
How Do I Remove A Device From My Amazon Account
  1. On Settings, Click on Your Devices.
On Settings, Click on Your Devices
  1. You will have a list of devices logged into your Amazon account.
  2. Select the device you want to remove and Click on Deregister.
Tap on the Are you Sure? Button to confirm to deregister the device
  1. Tap on the Are you Sure? Button to confirm to deregister the device. 

Like deregistering a device from Amazon Account, after deregistering it from Amazon Prime, the device will be logged out. Still, they can log in again if they have your Amazon account’s login credentials.

FAQs On Amazon Account

How Many Streams Can I Watch With My Amazon Account?

Amazon limits the number of concurrent streams with the same account. It helps to avoid users sharing their Amazon password with many people. A single account can only have three concurrent streams, and it only lets users have two simultaneous streams of the same content.

Does changing your Amazon password log everyone out?

Yes, if you change your Amazon password, it will log out all the non-Kindle devices. So you can simply change your password if you want to log into your Amazon account. However, all the devices will be logged out, and you can’t log in again to your account after changing the password.

To change your Amazon password:
1. Open your Amazon account and go to Your Account.
2. Select Login and Security; next to Password, select edit.
3. Follow the instructions and confirm your new password.

How to Delete Your Amazon Movies And Shows History?

The Amazon Prime watch history records all the movies and TV shows you’ve watched through your Prime. The watching history can store up to the last 200 films or shows you have watched on Amazon Prime. 
Everything you have watched on different devices through the account will be shown on the watch history.

To delete your Amazon Watch history:
First, open the Amazon Prime Video page and log in to your account.
Next, select Settings, click on watch history, and view watch history.
Now go to the videos from the watch history, and click on remove. Unfortunately, you cannot delete your history all at once as you would expect.

Who can remove people from Amazon Household?

Anyone can remove people from Amazon Household. But when you remove an adult from Amazon Household, no other adult can join the household for the next 180 days. The removed adult also can’t join any different household account for the period. 
When an adult leaves or is removed from Amazon Houeshole, the primary Amazon Prime member will only have access to the Amazon Prime benefits. Suppose the removed adult was the primary Amazon Prime member. In that case, the Household will lose access to Prime Benefits, and the removed adult can’t access the content shared in the Family Library.

How do I download my Amazon order history?

Head to the Amazon History Reports page to download your Amazon Order history history history. Then, log in to your account, and generate reports according to your order history. You can also get insights into your overall orders and spending for business accounts.

You can also learn. How do I delete my order history on the Amazon App?

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