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How do I remove a game from Game Center iOS 13?

Best Answer:
  1. Tap Settings.
  2. And Apple ID Profile.
  3. You will find Storage in the menu at the bottom of your screen.
  4. In iCloud.
  5. you will see Manage Storage with a list of all apps that iCloud backs up data for and Tap on it.
  6. From there select Delete Data to delete this game from any other devices connected to your AppleID account.

Sending a request to Apple User Center ensures that the app will be removed from Game Center. But I don’t think there’s any way you can get the data back via another service without your account having access to iTunesConnect (Apple developers’ internal app distribution platform) or some account with much higher privileges at https://developer.apple.com/games/connect/.

How is my game affected in iOS 13? What about push notifications? Will they still work? Do I need to update my games? Which devices are supported by GameCenter and which will it stop working on iOS 13?

Game Invites no longer work in iOS 13 Beta, but Apple may include it back in the upcoming version. Game Cards no longer display player’s information as they did before, but you can still find other game players’ names. Push Notifications are still supported by the new update, including NSUserActivity for displaying leaderboards and achievements on your app’s home screen even if a user doesn’t own your game or play yet. It is expected to work on most recent devices that run the latest iOS version at least till iOS 16+ – so probably any iPhone 5S/SE/6/7 models should work fine.

I want to port my game to Android, but it’s not available in the store right now – should I wait for Game Center removal or is it possible to submit a new app with GC support on the release date?

Do not hold your breath and just go ahead with your launch plan. This change won’t affect most of the games that are already launched (now you can hardly remove 65k+ apps from the App Store. If you’re planning to publish an update, cut GC features as soon as possible, and don’t waste time waiting for the iOS 13 release date.

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As of early July 2019, some developers reported that they were able to publish games with GC support. So I guess more time has passed and it got fixed in the public beta so you shouldn’t expect any troubles right now!

Does GameCenter removal mean there can be heavy work going on with my game? Do I need to update my game for iOS 13? What are the new guidelines for Apple (to publish games)? What if I don’t update my game and it gets removed from the App Store because of that? Will push notifications stop working without updates?.

This question does not easily have an answer, it is very difficult to describe all the possible scenarios and situations when you can remove a game from Game Center iOS 13. We will try to help you by providing some of the common examples we are aware of:

You bought your favorite game in iTunes but forgot to turn off synchronize in iCloud, now you want to remove this game from Game Center iOS 13; You have purchased several games at once for the same Apple ID on App Store, now you want two of them removed from Game Center iOS 13; Your friend has gifted you a great board game which made that application appear as new on your phone. Now you want to remove or redeem that gift from Game Center iOS 13;

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Before you start deleting or uninstalling anything from Game Center iOS 13, it is always better to backup your iPhone first. So if something goes wrong and you need to remove all the changes you did, then you can restore operating system and important data easily. You can find detailed tutorials on how to transfer files from one device to another in our blog (this is a great method for Apple account users).

1. Open iTunes on your computer and then connect your iPhone to it using a USB cable. Windows OS users can also use iCloud if they have the same Apple ID added to their system;

2. Now open “Apps” in the left upper corner of iTunes and you will see all installed applications there, select the one you want to remove from Game Center iOS 13;

3. Click on “Open App” at the bottom right corner of this window:

4. Go through all pages of this opened application’s information by clicking the Next button many times;

5. On the last page, select Uninstall option from a drop-down menu (it may already be selected as default);

6. Click on Uninstall button.

7. After few seconds iTunes will confirm that you want to uninstall the application. Click OK and then click the Done button in a new window;

8. Now go through all pages of this opened application’s information again, but now do it from the right upper corner (where we have clicked the Next button before). On the last page select the Delete app option:

9. Again confirm your decision by clicking the Delete App button

10. Wait until iTunes finishes removing the app from Game Center iOS 13 for good and the icon will disappear from your device completely! You can always make sure if you did everything correctly by restarting your iPhone or iPad.

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How can I delete games from Game Center?

To delete a game:
-Tap and hold on the icon of the game you want to delete. A wiggling “x” will appear, indicating it is selected.
-Swipe up or press “Delete,” then wait for another pop-up that says “Do you really want to delete?” Your button selections will be saved so tap on Delete again if you are sure your selection was correct and repeat with other games/apps.

How do I delete a game from Game Center iOS 14?

Step 1. Open the Settings app and tap General > Storage & iCloud Usage option Step 2. Find the game app on the list and tap it to get more details (e.g., Device storage, iCloud usage)> Delete button

How do I delete Game Center iOS?

It is possible to remove Game Center from your iPhone by doing the following:
1. Open the iOS Settings app and tap on “Game Center.”
2. Once you have found it, toggle its switch from green (“On”) to white (“Off”).

How do I fix Game Center iOS 13?

Tap Settings > Game Center, then tap Sign Out. Restart your phone or tablet by pressing the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple logo. Now sign in to Game Center again—either with your Facebook profile or email address that is linked to the account you want to use on iOS, and then open any game that’s prompting for a login request. You may need to wait about 10 minutes before changes are noticed.”