How do I remove a promo code from the Uber app?

Uber app has made not only transportation easy but also other aspects of life by introducing user-friendly features. Through its multiple options, day-to-day travels are getting much easier and less expensive. Also, Uber offers special promo codes that offer savings on rides, and by using these promo codes, you can save money as compared to the standard ride rate. Nevertheless, many people ask, ‘How to remove promo code from the Uber app?’ So, this article will address this query. 

Uber promo codes automatically apply to your next eligible journey once you add them to your promotions. They are not stored and removed for further use. However, you can consult your Uber Customer Service to get the promo code removed from your account. Another option is to go to the payment tab of your phone or laptop and erase the promo code from your promo section. 

steps guide To Remove Promo Code Using Uber Mobile App

If you are using Uber Mobile App, then follow the following steps to Remove the promo code from your Uber account.

  1.  Open Uber Mobile App 

 Open Uber Mobile App 
  1.  Tap on the bottom right position of the interface to Click on “Account”. 
  1.  Go to the middle icon naming ‘Wallet
 Go to the middle icon naming ‘Wallet’

When you open the ‘Account,’ you will get to this page. Click on the middle widget naming Wallet to proceed further. 

  1. Scroll down in the interface of the Wallet 
Scroll down in the interface of the Wallet 
  1. Stop at the last option of ‘promotions’ 
Stop at the last option of ‘promotions’ 
  1. Here you will get the list of promo codes you are currently using. Just click on it and then choose ‘Remove’ to remove the selected promo code

Steps To Remove A Promo Code Using Uber Desktop 

If you are using Uber on your PC or Laptop, then follow the mentioned directions to get it removed from your account. 

  1. Log in to your Uber account from the PC 
Log in to your Uber account from the PC 
  1. Select ‘Sign in to ride’
Select ‘Sign in to ride’
  1. It will open to this page, Go to the right top corner with your name. 
Go to the right top corner with your name. 
  1. Click on it, and you will get a list 
Click on it and you will get a list 
  1. Go to Promos, and you will get the list of added promos. Click on ‘Remove’ by taping on the promo you want to delete. 


What is the uber promo code?

These are the coupons that Uber releases from time to time to aid the customers in having cheap rides. You can see active Uber rides by clicking Menu and then going to promotions. There you can find all the subscribed promos. 
How to turn off uber promotions? 
In the Uber app, go to Settings, then Notifications, and click on Promotions and news to change the promotions settings. Also, if you are receiving frequent emails and you want to turn them off, you can click on unsubscribe to turn off uber promotions. 

How to remove a free delivery uber promo Uber eats?

You can remove a free delivery Uber promo Uber eats by accessing Uber Eats Manager. You will then select MARKETING from the sidebar. The next step is selecting ALL CAMPAIGNS from the top. You will get a list of all the promotions, click ACTIONS after picking the promotion you intend to delete. By the drop-down method, select DELETE. This will delete the promotion and remove that from the list.

How can I get a promo code?

Choose a promo code according to your relevant offer. See if your discount is a specific amount in dollars or a percentage of the cost. Note all the offers and then select the offer that suits you the best. Copy code number from there. The next step is setting the promotional period for your promo code. Click on Apply/Add to get started with the promo code. 

How can I change my Uber promo code?

To change your Uber promo code, you must open your Uber app and tap on the Menu screen. Select ‘Promotions’ and enter your new promo code. Switch to this new promo code.


You can remove a promo code from the Uber app by following simple directions. By following these easy steps, removing promo codes from both mobile apps and desktops has got a lot more convenient. Still, if it does not work out and you wonder, “How do I remove promo code from Uber app?” then consult Uber Customer Service. Handful users have reported that they got Uber to remove the first ride free promo code from their account. That’s the only possible solution for removing the promo code. 

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