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How do I remove all Apple IDs from iPhone?

Best Answer:
  1. To delete your device from iTunes in the Cloud.
  2. Go to Settings Select iTunes App Store.
  3. Select your Apple ID.
  4. It’s possible that you’ll be asked to sign in.
  5. You may be required to input your password.
  6. This device should be removed from the iTunes in the Cloud area.
  7. Scrolling down and tapping Remove This Device.

How to completely remove apple id from iPhone


How do I remove the previous owner’s Apple ID from an iPhone?

To delete a device, sign in to iCloud.com and go to Find My iPhone. Select “All Devices” to view a list of linked devices, then choose the one you want to be removed. To remove the device from your account, click “Remove from Account.”

How can I delete my whole Apple ID?
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Log in to Apple’s Data and Privacy website using your Apple ID. … Click the link to Request to delete your account under the Delete Your Account heading. Select a reason for cancellation from the dropdown menu, then click Continue on the new screen.

How do I delete someone else’s Apple ID without the password?
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Open the App Store. In the top-right corner of the App Store’s landing page, tap your name (or the previous owner’s name). This takes you to the Account screen. Sign Out may be done without using a password by scrolling down and tapping it.

How do I delete my Apple ID and create a new one?

Go to appleid.apple.com and sign in. select Edit under Account. choose Change Apple ID from the drop-down menu. enter the email address you’d like to use in the area provided.

Can you remove the activation lock without the previous owner?
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To remove or unlock a device, go to “Find My iPhone All Devices” and select the device to remove/unlock. Select “Erase [device]” and then “Remove from Account” after erasing. The activation lock will be removed once you’ve followed the above procedures, allowing you to use your own Apple ID.