How Do I Remove An Account From Google Smart Lock?

Do you want to remove an account from Google Smart Lock? Are you asking yourself, How do I remove an account from Google smart Lock? If yes, then hold on a bit, and you will get all the answers to your questions along with the screenshot details provided below. You are requested to read this article till the end and be the master of removing an account from Google smart Lock. 

The Google smart Lock can make your device or website very accessible. That is why some people want to disable the Google smart Lock feature. You can follow these steps to remove any device from your google smart Lock. 

How Do I Remove An Account From Google Smart Lock?

Are you feeling vulnerable due to the high accessibility of your Android phone or websites? If yes, then here are the ways by which you can remove any account from your Google smart Lock. 

Step 1- Go to the Smart Lock app.

Open your phone and go to the Smart Lock app that you have downloaded to your phone and connected your device with. If you do not have the Google smart Lock app, then you can go to the play store to download it from there.

seach smart lock  on phone

 Step 2- Tap on Menu

 You can see the menu icon at the top left corner of your screen. This will take you through the process of removing an account from the Google smart Lock app. Tap on the menu icon. 

smart lock google  uses access

Step 3- Go to the Settings

Go to the settings app on your Android phone. If you cannot find the right section in the settings, then type “Smart Lock” in the search bar of the settings. This will bring you the right section you need. 

android homepage to find setting of Smart lock

Step 4- Find Security

Once you have entered the settings menu of your Android phone, scroll down through the options until you find the “Security” option. Tap on the security option to open it. 

android setting security

Step 5- Find Smart Lock

Enter the security section of your phone and look for the option of Smart Lock. You can find it in Advanced settings or Screen lock. Every Android phone has a different location for smart Lock. Try to find where the smart Lock belongs in your phone. When you see the option of Smart Lock, tap on it to open it. 

search smart lock

Step 6- Tap on Accounts

You will see the option of Accounts in the smart Lock app. There will be multiple accounts that you have added through different periods. Tap on the option of Accounts. 

account on android

Step 7- Select Account

You can see the number of accounts linked with your Google smart Lock. You can choose any account to remove that you do not need in the smart Lock app. 

accounts on android

Step 8- Disable Account

Now that you have entered the section of smart Lock, you can see multiple control options on your screen. Tap on the Account you want to remove from your Google smart Lock app. Your Account will be terminated in a few steps. The Account will open with the option of “Remove Account” below the account email. Tap on Remove Account. You are good to go. 

remove google account

Can You Shut Down The Services Of Smart Lock Entirely Rather Remove Account?

You cannot shut down the smart Lock services all at once or entirely, but you can remove any account from there. You can control the options by going through the three categories on your screen. But you can manage your logins and turn off most features to keep your Android phone secure. Moreover, you can change the settings and add or remove new devices or trusted places in your Google smart Lock app. 


How can you turn off or turn on the selected places on Smart Lock on your Android phone?

Open the smart Lock section; you can see the option of trusted places. Choose the trusted sites to activate them or add a new address such as your office address, home address, or gym address. You can turn off these locations in the trusted places section.

What is the use of trusted devices in smart Lock?

You can select the devices you want to add as your used or trusted devices. You can also add or remove any widget from trusted devices. The smart Lock will work through your Account from the devices you have to add in the second trusted device. 

Can you use Google smart Lock on your iPhone?

Google Smart Lock is the feature for Android devices such as Android phones or Chromebook. It does not work with the iPhone or other iOS devices. 

How can I change my smart Lock settings using Google?

Look for the option of “connected devices” a choice of “Unlock Device” will prese5under connected devices. Go into the smart Lock settings on your Android devices, and tap on Unlock device. After you tap on it to unlock the device, sign in to your Google account. Suppose you have not already signed in. 

Summing Up

Most people enjoy using the Google smart Lock app on their Android phones, but not everyone appreciates this app. If you are one of the people who want to remove their accounts from the Google smart Lock app and do not know anyway, then this is the right article for you. You can place a full stop to your wandering mind that asks you “How do I remove an account from Google smart Lock?” You can find all the answers and solutions in this article.

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