How Do I Remove An Account From My Gmail List?

Gmail accounts to control your life by engaging in every mobile app and your activities. No one wants to give their email address to just anybody, ever. So how do I remove an account from my Gmail list or how do I delete a device from my Google Account?

In addition to writing emails and engaging content, Gmail users must remember all their email addresses, which can be quite daunting. So when you convert someone from an AOL to a Gmail user, you need to let them know this vital information. You can’t afford to leave it as a mystery or a potential future problem.

Gmail thoughtfully provides a feature that allows you to request email retention settings with your account. However, most people forget to set these settings and are left continuously sending millions of emails they don’t want.

Wondering how do I remove an account from my Gmail list? Well, You have come to the right place. This article will definitely help you to progress on a step-by-step guideline to remove your extra Gmail account from the list.

What Is Gmail, And How Do I Remove An Account From My Gmail List?

Gmail is a platform that allows you to send emails. It stores emails across different accounts and can help keep your phone, laptop, and web browser organized.

Gmail is a simple mail client made famous by Google. It combines the latest technology in javascript, XML, and Ajax. In fact, Gmail integrates quite intelligently and successfully with the functionality of the google search engine to make searching bring out the best of users’ search skills. With integration from google into Gmail client, there are many opportunities for everyone’s use worldwide.

One of the best things you can get from this platform is a 15 GB of free cloud-based storage with every email. But more than one account can sometimes cause trouble in executing your work. These additional Gmail accounts can be a nightmare if you mistakenly send an official email from your spare account.

So to avoid these mishaps, we have brought you a unique steps guide to removing an additional Gmail account. This guide will help you remove additional Gmail accounts easily by showing you the exact screenshots.

Steps To Remove An Account From the Gmail List.

  1. Steps to Delete An Account From Gmail
 Gmail account signout

First, open the Gmail inbox from your web browser on your PC. You will see the name logo or profile picture on the top right corner of the main screen. Click on it, and multiple options will appear, showing all other accounts from which you are logged in to that browser.

Among multiple options, click on the “Sign out of all devices” to move onto the login screen.

  1. Select Delete An Account Option
Remove Account Option

Now you will see the accounts windows where you are currently logged out from all accounts. Now select the remove an account option given at the bottom of accounts.

  1. Select The Account You Want To Delete
Select The Account You Want To Delete

Here a minus sign will appear in front of every account you were logged into with your browser. Click on the sign of the account you don’t want to use further on your browser.

  1. Confirm Account Removal
Confirm Account Removal

Now you will see a window that will appear after selecting an account that will ask you for removal confirmation. Click yes, and the desired account will be removed from your Gmail list.


Is It Possible To Delete Your Gmail Account And Recreate It?

There is a slight possibility of recovering a deleted account on Gmail. Because Gmail doesn’t allow the user to use the same username to another account, Gmail will ask you to complete some requirements if you want to use your deleted account. 
But if you want to make another account from the same email you deleted earlier, that is impossible because Gmail permanently bans the accounts that its users deleted.

How Can I Delete Or Remove Email Addresses From the Gmail Accounts List?

You can easily remove email addresses from an existing Gmail accounts list by following these steps:

1. Open mailbox on the Gmail website on your PC
2. Select the profile logo or picture on the top right corner
3. Click on logout from all accounts
4. On the login screen at the bottom, choose remove an account
5. Remove the email addresses that you want to remove

Can You Use The Same User Name of A Deleted Gmail Account?

No, you cannot use the same user name of a deleted account. That is because, per Gmail privacy policies, you cannot use the same user name of a deleted account for a new account. You can still find your information about Google accounts that are no longer active – for example, an old ad account or a YouTube channel.

Does Deleting An Gmail Account Removes Everything?

No, deleting your Gmail account does not remove everything. You won’t be able to access your email or use any of Google’s services, but you can download an archive of your emails and other data before deleting an account.
When you delete your Gmail account, the account will be permanently removed. You can’t recover it later, and nobody else can access your data, like emails or documents stored in Google Drive, as long as you have taken necessary precautions like storing these files on your computer.

How Do I Remove Autofill Addresses From My Gmail Account?

1. Open your Gmail by typing in the search bar of your browser
2. In the Gmail search bar, please type the name or address that you want to delete and click on it
3. Click on the three dots given at the top right corner of that address
4. After clicking, options will appear in which you must choose the delete option
5. Confirm the deletion, and that address won’t appear next time in an autofill suggestions


Most of us know that our email account is one of the most used online portals. We receive emails from various email clients and senders, most notably Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Outlook Mail. 

Like most of us, you probably have an alarming number of unwanted email accounts clogging up your inbox. That is why you are looking for a hint about how do I remove an account from my Gmail list. We have given a simple step-by-step solution to get rid of this job.

We hope you like this guide; if you think that you need more help, please check the related guide or do let us know in the comments.

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