How Do I Remove an Item from Depop?

Depop is a recognized platform for accommodating many buyers and sellers for used accessories and items like clothes. The platform has advanced and is trying to build trust with its clients by enabling buyers to tell their experiences after buying items through reviews. Reviews are good, but sometimes, a bad review may mean you may never get a buyer for your items. In such a case, you may need to remove an item from Depop so that the comments can also be removed.

Steps to Remove an Item from Depop.

Depop has made it easier for users to remove or delete items from the application when they wish. Remember that once you remove it, all the reviews and comments you receive for that item will be deleted. To avoid losing good reviews that can market your brand, you can delist an item instead of removing it. But if you are sure you want to delete the item, use the steps below:

  1. Open the Depop application on your mobile device. 
  2. Click on the profile icon at the bottom of the screen to navigate the profile page.
  3. From your available listed items, select the one you wish to remove by clicking on it.
Open the Depop application on your mobile device. 
  1. You will see three dots on that item’s top right corner. Click on the dots.
You will see three dots on that item's top right corner.
  1. Find the Delete option, denoted with a trash icon, and click on it.
Find the Delete option,
  1. Confirm your action by clicking on Ok, and the item will be removed from Depop.
Confirm your action by clicking on Ok,


What Happens When I Remove an Item from Depop?

Removing an item from Depop means you are deleting it. A deleted item from Depop will not be listed when showcasing items on the market. Moreover, all comments and good reviews left by buyers also get removed once an item has been removed from Depop. Thus, if you want to retain the good comments and reviews, it is advisable to find another option, like delisting the item if it has been sold out instead of deleting it.

What Do I Do to Remove an Item Without Removing the Comments?

If you wish to keep comments that a sold item received, you can mark it as sold instead of removing it. When an item has been marked as sold, it is deactivated and will not be shown to customers. To mark the item sold, you need to click on the three dots after selecting the item and find the Mark item as a sold option. Once you click on the option, the item will be deactivated, but people can see the comments.

Can I Get Scammed on Depop?

Yes, it is possible. Cases of scamming on Depop have been reported, although the app is working hard to ensure transparency. To avoid being scammed, buyers are advised to buy from sellers with active profiles and listed items. Moreover, you can contact the seller and find out more information about the product being solid. You can use the app’s free delivery insurance if you fear your items may be lost or damaged.

How Do I Start Selling on Depop?

You must ensure you install the Depop app on your mobile phone, then create a profile with the app. Once you have a profile, create a list of items you wish to sell to potential buyers. It is advisable to sell legit items to avoid getting bad reviews and ensure you have a clear camera that takes clear pictures of the items you sell

Why Do People Delete Items from Depop?

When an item is sold out, a seller may find it necessary to remove the item so that another buyer does not buy it and it is out of stock. Moreover, when an item receives bad comments, a seller may remove it to remove the bad comments.


Many users have found Depop a useful mobile application that enables easier buying and selling of used clothes and accessories. The app is free to use, a small fee is paid to ensure no scamming cases are experienced, and sellers deliver the listed items a buyer purchases. If you are a seller looking for a way to remove an item from Depop, this post has you covered!

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