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How do I remove devices from my HIK Connect app?

Best Answer:
  1. To remove the device from the Others.
  2. Device list.
  3. Open your mobile phone’s Settings menu.
  4. And tap Delete.
  5. The Home interface will also be deleted.

How to Unbind or Remove the HIk Connect user id from the Mobile app for Hikvision DVR.


How do I log out of Hikvision on all devices?

Go to www.hik-connect.com, log in with your e-mail address, and then choose My Shared Devices from the drop-down menu. Select Share Device from the list of options. To share a device, fill out the following information: E-mail address of the hike-connect account to use for sharing.

How do I remove the camera from the HIK-Connect app?
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Delete a camera by going to the Edit Favorites page. Swipe the name “Favorites” to the left on the device list page and tap Remove. Tap a camera that needs to be deleted. In the pop-up window, confirm your selection by tapping Confirm.

What does unbind device mean?

purpose the result of scanning a QR code or manually adding a device indicates that it has been added to another account, you should unlink it from the other account before adding it to your own.

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How many devices are on HIK-connect?

The Share function was designed to allow users to upload videos from one account and view them on other accounts. With the new share function, other accounts may now watch a stream shared by others without having to add it themselves.

Can I use HIK-connect on multiple devices?
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You may share your devices with other Hik-Connect users if they require access to them. You may also grant or restrict permissions for other users to access your hardware.