How Do I Remove Facebook From Google Smart Lock?

Nowadays, digital security is becoming a significant concern for most of us. Passwords play an essential role in maintaining it. Still, some people do not want to enter passwords now and then to open their apps. For such lazy fellows, Google provided us with a handy tool called Google smart lock. Google smart lock is an out-of-the-box concept, and it helps us in many ways. If you do not want to use it anymore, you can turn it off entirely. Moreover, you can also remove a particular app from it. In this guide, we will show you the step-by-step procedure to remove Facebook from google smart lock.  

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But before moving any further, let’s have a brief overview of this app called Google Smart Lock.

Let’s Know What is Google Smart Lock Before Removing Facebook From it.

Google smart lock is an intelligent smartphone locking app that helps you with how to lock or unlock your phone. It lets you decide where and when you do not need to provide authentication details. Like your credentials, biometrics, or anything else.

This app gives you access to your device quickly when and where security is not a concern for you. Such as in your home, offices, or any place of your choice. However, in public places, it safeguards us with standard security features.

It mainly locks and unlocks the devices based on three conditions as

Smartlock trusted device.
  1. On-body Detection“: If you enter the pin, it will unlock the phone for up to 4 hours when you are in motion. The only problem with this is it doesn’t distinguish between you and someone else who accesses your device.
On-Body detection
  1. Trusted Places: After you unlock your phone at a trusted place, it will remain open as long as you are at or close to your trusted place for up to 4 hours.
trusted places on smartlock.
  1. Trusted Devices: In this condition, your device will stay unlocked for up to 4 hours until it is connected with any of your defined trusted devices. However, you can force your device to lock anytime by going to the power menu and tapping lockdown.
trusted devices on smartlock
  1. Voice Match & Trusted Face: In some old Android devices, you may find this option which may unlock some specific features of the device rather than opening the whole device for hours.

However, the above-stated conditions are handy but contain a high risk of a privacy breach. So, in situations like this or for any other reason, you might want to disable the Google Smart Lock completely or for an app like Facebook.

Let’s discuss the procedure step by step.

Step by Step procedure to remove Facebook from Google Smart Lock

A couple of methods can help us remove Facebook from the Google Smart Lock app. For your ease, we are describing each one of them here step by step:

Method 1: By turning off the Google Smart Lock  

We can get rid of Facebook app security from google smart lock by disabling the smart lock app itself. For this, follow the below steps:

1: Go to the main screen of your mobile

2: Select “Settings” from here

setting option on the phone

3: Now scroll down for the option “Security” and select it.

security option on phone

4: Under “Device security” select the “Trust agents” option.

trust agents option

5: You will see “Google Smart Lock.”

google smart lock app option

6: Here, all you need to do is turn it off by just toggling the bar next to the option.

This will turn off the Google Smart Lock option, and it will automatically be deactivated for Facebook. But remember, you might find the wording written differently, so we would suggest you look for the “Trust agents” in security settings.

Method 2: By removing the Facebook app from Google Smart Lock  

If you do not want to turn off the Google Smart Lock completely but instead want to remove Facebook from it, then the following steps can help you.

1: Go to the main screen of your mobile

2: Select “Settings” from here

go to mobile setting

3: Now scroll down, look for “Google” and tap it.

scrool down and find Google

4: Here, you will find “Manage your Google Account” under your name and email address, as shown in the snap

find manage your account

5: Select the “Security” tab from here

privacy and personaligation and security option

6: Now, scroll down; you will find the “Password Manager” option; tap on it.

password manager option

7: It will redirect you to the password manager page where you can pick “Facebook app” and all you need to do is press the delete option.

The Facebook app has been successfully removed from the Google Smart Lock app.

Method 3: By removing the Facebook app from Google Smart Lock (Quickie)

It is a fast method of removing Facebook from Google Smart Lock.

1: Go to the main screen of your mobile

2: Select “Settings” from here

3: Now search for “Password Manager” press the delete option for Facebook.

It is the same procedure you have seen in method 2; the only difference is you do not need to go to a different menu; instead, you can utilize the search featu


 Does Google Smart Lock is beneficial for me?

Google Smart Lock is a convenient and useful option if you implement it intelligently. It is specially designed for people who do not like to go through with different authentication methods for unlocking their devices. 

 Does Google Smart Lock have a risk?

Yes, let’s analyze the Google Smart Lock deeply. We have come to know that it contains a potential risk of data theft as even in safer places like homes, offices, and institutes, there are snoopers you can easily access your personal information if found your phone unlocked.

 Where do I find Google Smart Lock on my android phone?

The Google Smart Lock feature will be available on any Android phone under the “Trust Agents” menu. To find it quickly, go to settings → security → Trust agents → Smart Lock (Google).

 Why do I not have Voice Match & Trusted Face under Google Smart Lock?

These options are available in some old android phones and are phased out now. Even in those phones, these options can only use to unlock some specific features. 

What is the function of trusted devices in Google Smart Lock?

Trusted devices can unlock the smartphone for up to four hours as long as the device is connected to your phone. These devices can range from smartwatches to Bluetooth air pods.


Google Smart Lock is a convenient feature that helps us lock/unlock smartphones intelligently. But at times, you may want to disable it entirely or for an app like Facebook for many reasons, such as it becomes a security threat to your data, so disabling it is a smart move.

In this article, we have tried to help you with all the methods available to remove Facebook from Google Smart Lock. Hope you will find it exciting and full of knowledge.

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