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How do I remove my phone number from Outlook?

Best Answer:
  1. Delete your phone number by clicking on it.
  2. It in the upper right corner.
  3. Of your account and select Edit profile.

How To Delete Phone Number From Microsoft Account.


How do I remove my phone number from my Microsoft account?

Delete your phone number from your Facebook account by going to the Account section in the upper right corner. Select Edit Profile from the drop-down menu. Delete your cell phone number from your profile.

How do I change the phone number associated with my Microsoft account?
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On the home screen, tap Settings. Select Accounts from the drop-down menu. select Security from the drop-down menu. click Update information under Security basics to continue. Your phone number will be displayed if it’s correct, and you’ll receive a verification code via text message.

How do I get rid of my Microsoft account?
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Remove the account for which you don’t need it. Select Settings Accounts, then Email & accounts. Select a contact or calendar entry that’s been used by your email program and then Manage. This device should be deleted using Delete Account from this device. Confirmation is optional by selecting Delete after selecting Uninstaller

How do I hide my phone number on Microsoft teams?
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By going to Settings Calls and then under Caller ID, select Hide my phone number and profile information for all calls, your end users may turn off their caller ID.

How do I change my Microsoft account details?

Sign in to your account with Microsoft. Select Your info from the drop-down menu. Make any necessary changes and then choose Save from the drop-down menu.