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How do I remove my phone number from someone else’s Facebook?

Best Answer:
  1. Click the Settings icon on Facebook.
  2. From the settings screen click Personal Information to edit your contact information.
  3. Remove your phone number if you wish by clicking “remove.
  4. ” When prompted, enter your password and then type “remove” into the prompt that follows.
  5. Multiple ways exist for changing one’s contact information in Facebook.
  6. But they are often a challenge for people who do not practice good cybersecurity habits like anonymizing their devices and setting strong passwords.

I’m a big Facebook user who’s always been conscious about my privacy. The fact that you can be tracked down via your phone number is very disturbing to me. I’ve always deleted any posts with my phone number in it. But lately, someone has been posting some of my photos and it includes my phone number from the EXIF data of the photo file which was sent to Facebook when originally uploaded using Instagram. (photos taken with an iPhone). Is there any way for me to remove this post off Facebook since obviously I do not want strangers knowing my real number? Or how otherwise can I minimize this issue? Please help! Thanks!

I know exactly what you mean! I’ve always been very aware of my privacy on FB and have never shared anything other than friends-of-friends, but once you put your phone number out there it is in the open – forever. I don’t think there’s any way to get rid of it for good unless you change your number, unfortunately.

I personally avoid posting my OWN numbers online (mobile or home). If someone needs a more private route I’ll give them my Google Voice number as an alternative. You can even set up anonymous voicemail boxes that will deliver messages to your email inbox if nothing else – no one knows where they’re coming from or who owns them! They’re free too so anyone can have one!

Google Voice gives you a number to use for free. You can choose a random area code, and it supports voice mail.

What are the pros and cons of using Facebook?

I imagine that having a large network of friends is good, but I guess there must be some disadvantages as well. Are they worth dealing with if you want to keep in touch with old friends and family members who have moved out of town or even out of the state? Do you only keep in touch through text messaging now, since Facebook calling seems like it should scare anyone halfway across the world? Or do people still call each other on phones anymore? Is there any advantage to keeping your personal contact information updated on Facebook, or should you just delete all your profile info except name and photo? I’m getting more and more paranoid about my personal security, which I know sounds like a good problem to have, haha. But still.

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I came across your blog because of an article you wrote saying that Facebook is the most private social network in terms of adjusting privacy settings, and was wondering if you could elaborate on this a bit. Specifically do you think people are better off keeping their profile information on Facebook locked down or open as much as possible? Do you use your real name online at all since Google seems to be spending so much time trying to find out who’s behind pseudonyms these days? Thanks for taking my question!

It depends how attached I am to them and what they want from me. If it’s a situation where I don’t know if I’m actually going to see them in person again, or even talk to them on the phone ever again, then yes, I’ll share everything with them. If it’s someone from a past life that I might not interact with any time soon, there are certainly things that get deleted right after our initial friendly chats. It’s interesting how most of my friends list was compiled together over 4 years ago – and since then I’ve only added maybe 6 people to my actual Facebook account as people who have earned some sort of value in my life because they show up offline.

I have a few “friends” on my Facebook account who I met through random acts of kindness or because they contacted me and made an effort. We’ll grab lunch, we go to movies together, etc…so even though we don’t hang out every day, it’s nice to know that there are people I can call if I need something – they’re not just names on a profile. The ones who I would consider friends are probably the ones from my list that I’ve removed during purges!

The other interesting thing about it is that sometimes you feel like you’re too connected with people for their own good. For example, when someone goes into labor in your family (whether by blood or by marriage) everyone tells EVERYONE. Then you’re scrambling to update your Facebook friends that you need to be there and make 6 trips down the stairs over 3 hours instead of just having them come pick you up.

Also, Facebook makes it very easy for people to say “Hey I’m thinking about doing ____” and then have everyone they know respond with things like “How cool would that be!” or “You should do it!”. I love getting random like-minded comments on my posts but sometimes it seems weird when I post something related to a trip and all these people act like we’re going together – but we’ve never hung out! It’s even more bizarre when someone posts a comment along the lines of, “This plan sounds dangerous/stupid, maybe you should consider something else” and the person who posted it just responds with a “Hahahahaha yup I know, but we’re still going to do it!”

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What’s your take on the whole Google+ requiring real names thing? Do you think there are any good things to come from this new policy, or is it an indication that Google sees people using pseudonyms online as dangerous characters? On one hand I don’t like my full name in search results all over the web and I like having uniquely-identifiable accounts for things like forums and social networks – on the other hand private companies should be allowed to have whatever names for their services that they want.

The comments overwhelmingly agree with you – it’s not their network, they can do what they want. I don’t really know anything about Google+ though, so I can’t really comment on the product itself.

Not since…2002 when I launched my first startup company back in college. There are a few random forums and wikis where people contact me at my “other” names but mostly it doesn’t matter anymore! My Twitter is different from my Facebook account and everything else, and that works out well for what I need because more people are likely to see the stuff on Twitter than anywhere else.

It’s much simpler, which is good – but they’ve definitely missed a lot of tools that are included in Facebook: comments on photos being one of the biggest things that I notice is missing and it makes me sad that my circle isn’t checking out what people have to say about their pictures! For me, I’m going to be pulling away from both networks because they’re not adding value for what *I* need and want, so simplicity is more important than having all the extra features. That said, I would still consider using Google+ as a network where only select people were able to comment on my photos and such, because then I could use it as a private photo sharing network…but not for anything else.

Going off of what just happened with Twitter and Instagram (and some other things), I think Instagram has nailed their product – they have created something that people want to use but haven’t taken advantage of all the user data they can collect. Facebook on the other hand doesn’t really seem to care about catering to a niche audience, which makes sense for businesses but not many people! Businesses are much happier when they can give out coupons or offer deals via social media, but Facebook’s model doesn’t support that. As far as which will be more popular, I believe it’ll come down to demographics – people who are older and have families are probably going to use Facebook while a lot of teens and young adults are going to go with something like Instagram. Right now if you’re not in the “right” demographic for a network then there isn’t much value for you.

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What can people expect from your upcoming book? It looks really interesting

Thanks! The title is called ‘From Geocities To The Long Tail’, and it follows my life story but also looks at how startups evolve over time as they grow. Some companies that started off small (like YouTube) fall into the trap of becoming obsessed with the idea that if they just keep adding more features then people are going to use their products – but there is some saturation point on the other side where you’ve got a lot of competition and nothing really new, so companies have to find ways to innovate in order to stay ahead. I basically look at how my old company evolved over time as well as a friend’s company called MySpace (which I’m mentioned in several books about internet history).


What if someone else has my phone number on Facebook

Attempt to log into your Facebook account with the password you know is associated with your account. This action may be all that is needed to reclaim it, or if not at least you’ll know what additional steps need be taken:
Attempt to log in and if prompted choose ‘Forgot Account?’
If prompt doesn’t appear, there’s an issue with the system likely due to a malware attack and malware needs fixed first; next contact the team at facebook for assistance.

Can I delete my number from someone else’s phone?

The best way is to break into the other person’s phone, after which you have access to all of their contacts. After that, you can delete your number from their phone.

Is Facebook linked to your phone number?

We don’t ever sell personal information, including your mobile phone number.

How is someone else using my phone number?

It’s likely that you’re being spoofed by someone else who is using a fake number to contact you. In such cases, both parties are the victim of phone spoofing.

How do I remove my number from someone else’s WhatsApp?

To delete a contact use the steps below.

1) Open WhatsApp and go to the Chats tab.
2) Tap New chat > search for or select your desired contact
3) Tap on top of the group name to edit.
5) Scroll all the way down until you see Delete Contact, then tap it.