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How do I remove my Spotify account from Sonos?

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Delete Your Current Spotify Account Within Sonos

  1. Log into the Sonos Controller App.
  2. Select Settings from the Music menu.
  3. Select My Services from the settings menu.
  4. Select The Music service you want to delete, and then select remove account.


Sonos have announced Spotify Connect support for their systems, allowing users to stream Spotify content straight from Spotify (or at least, without a Sonos player in the chain).

When you’ve got Spotify installed on your PC or Mac, Spotify sets up a host of stuff that make sure that Spotify software works with Spotify hardware. This includes pairing together an iDevice and your computer (via Home Sharing), enabling remote control functionality, playback via AirPlay etc… The one thing it doesn’t do is make absolutely certain you can USE YOUR SPOTIFY ACCOUNT WITHOUT A PLAYER . Effectively Spotify Connect allows Spotify to become your Sonos player.

Working Spotify host software is Spotify’s pair of Spotify-branded apps for Windows and Mac OS X, the former still in beta at the time of writing (the late March 2015 announcement). The “host” functionality doesn’t appear to have been rolled into Spotify’s Android or iPhone app, but since you can have your Spotify account running on two devices simultaneously it could be possible to use a mobile device as a Spotify connect host. Spotify Connect is Spotify’s equivalent of Airplay (itself a Spotify competitor) or Google Cast and Spotify hardware support seems to be rolling out currently, with Sonos announced as the first partner. Spotify Connect will work with “any Spotify app” – including its website.

What Spotify Connect does NOT do, however, is host your Spotify account. If you don’t have any Spotify software running on your computer then Spotify connect on your Sonos system won’t be able to use it at all . This means that in order to play Spotify music on your Sonos you must:

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1. Make sure Spotify is enabled on your Sonos as a source [ HERE ]. All Spotify Connect playback routes through Spotify software – if Spotify is disabled then Spotify Connect won’t be available regardless of whether you can physically see Spotify host software running or not.

2. Ensure that the Spotify software on your computer is actually authorised to play music in Spotify. If you’ve only recently set up your account, whenever you pair an iDevice with Spotify it’ll ask you for authorisation again and again (even if you’re using the same computer). This can get annoying fast – but luckily there’s a way around it; after pairing/authorising an iDevice just go to Account settings > Devices tab and click the Spotify icon at the bottom left of Spotify’s Preferences pane.


How do I log into a different Spotify account on Sonos?
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To change the account on which you are signed in, follow these steps:
1. Go to Browse > [Service Name].
2. Tap the account name at the top to reveal a list of added accounts.
3. Tap the account you wish to use

How do you remove a device from Sonos?

To delete an app, find it on your device and tap Uninstall

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Why won’t my Spotify connect to my Sonos?

Older versions of the Sonos software may not work well with the Spotify app. To address this issue, open the settings screen on your smartphone and update your system.

How do I unlink my Sonos account?

If you’ve added separate accounts, make sure the correct one is selected for removal.

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How to Remove a Music Service Account from Sonos
To remove the account, select the service you are removing and tap REMOVE ACCOUNT. Make sure the correct account is selected before proceeding. Tap ‘Remove’.

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