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How do I remove myself from a Dropbox group?

Best Answer:
  1. To leave a team.
  2. On the top left of your dropbox.com account.
  3. Click My teams.
  4. Down the list of teams you are part of is a button with either groups and members or.
  5. Members written beside it.
  6. Click that button to display all remaining teammates in your current group.
  7. Then find the person who has joined and clicked Leave team next to their profile (username), then click Add person in two dots at top right > Remove from Team.


How do I remove myself from a shared Dropbox folder?
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To remove a member of the shared folder it is necessary to right-click on their name in the Share window and click Remove from share.
A screen will pop up with various options relating to what you want to do with their content which includes “do not remove” and “remove all”.

Can I remove myself from Dropbox?
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If you want to permanently remove your shared folder from your account, navigate to the file on the website.

How do I delete a Dropbox team folder?

Sign in to dropbox.com using your admin credentials.
Click Admin Console > Team folder.
Check the boxes next to Add groups, or change group permissions