How do I remove payment method from DoorDash?

DoorDash is an easy-to-use food delivery service platform that makes life easier by delivering your favorite food from your favorite restaurants. It simplifies life. Even though it has a friendly interface, some features might be hidden and difficult to access. For example, adding or deleting your payment methods can sometimes be challenging. In this article, we will answer the query, “How do I remove payment method from DoorDash?

Why Do We need Payment Method in DoorDash ?

When you order from DoorDash, you don’t have to worry about the delivery person coming to your house. You don’t have to worry about paying the delivery person. You don’t even have to leave your house! All of that is handled by DoorDash, so you can focus on eating the delicious food that you ordered in the first place.

Ordering through DoorDash also makes it easy for you to track your order’s progress and see when it will arrive at your door. In addition, DoorDash allows you to leave feedback for both restaurants and drivers, so everyone knows how well they did their job—or how they can improve next time around!

DoorDash simplifies life by allowing users to pay with their credit card or cash in advance or after each meal has been delivered (depending on what kind of plan you’re using). 

The app allows users to pay using Apple Pay or Android Pay as well as PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash—and all these options can be selected whenever an order is placed online or through their mobile app (which requires no download).

How to Remove DoorDash Payment Method on the Website?

Nonetheless, in this article, we’ll discuss steps you should follow when removing your payment account from the system. All you need to do is to follow the instructions in this article so that you don’t get stuck when removing your payment method from the platform. 

Step 1: Log in to your Account

Access your account using your log in details.


Step 2: Access your Account Menu Bar.

Click on the “three dashes” on the top left corner of your browser. A dialogue will be generated on your screen. 

How do I remove payment method from DoorDash?

Step 3: Tap Payment

On the drop-down list, click “payment.”

doordash payment

Step 4: Click on the Dots

This only works if an existing payment method is added to the platform. If you have any payment method, click on the three dots next to the account payment methods you added. 

Step 5: Delete Payment Methods

Once you click on the dots, a drop-down list will appear, as shown below. Click delete, then confirm to remove your payment method from the platform. 

Important: Default payment methods cannot be deleted on the DoorDash platform. Before you remove your payment method, you must choose another default payment method. Afterward, you can then delete the payment method from the system. 

How to Remove Payment Method from DoorDash on iOS Device?

To remove your account payment method from an iPhone device, follow the steps below.

Launch the DoorDash application on the iOS device

  • Click on Account. You can find “account” at the bottom right corner of the app. 
  • Tap payment cards from the generated list after clicking account.
  • Click Payment Cards to see the credit cards you previously added to the platform.
  • Select the card you want to remove from the DoorDash system. Swipe the card to give you the “delete option.”
  • Click on the “delete option” to delete your chosen payment method. 

How to Remove PayPal from Doordash?

  • Pen your DoorDash account or login through the website. 
  • Click on the “three stacked” icons on the top left corner of your browser. 
  • On the dialogue box, click payment and choose PayPal from the list of payment methods. 
  • Click the three dots next to PayPal on your right. 
  • A dialogue box will generate. Click delete from the dialogue box. Then confirm to remove PayPal from DoorDash.

How to Remove your Payment Method From DoorDash on Android?

  • Open your DoorDash application on your Android device. Log in to the system.
  • Once you access your account, click on the three dashes on the top left launch menu bar.
  • While on the click settings, then tap the payment option. 
  • Tap On the payment method , and click on the payment method you wish to remove. 

How to opt out of DoorDash Premium Plan?

If deactivating or removing the payment method does not work, consider canceling your DoorDash premier subscription. Here are steps to guide you on the procedures to follow when canceling your premium subscription. 

  • Login to your account using the mobile app or through the web browser
  • Click on DashPass on the menu bar
  • Select Hamburger on the menu
  • Click manage DashPass and end your subscription. 

You will receive a notification from the DoorDash team confirming that you have unsubscribed from premium services. 

How to Remove your Payment Method Permanently from DoorDash Servers?

Removing your payment methods permanently from DoorDash servers is as good as deleting your DoorDash account. If you opt for this method, you must be sure that you won’t need DoorDash services again. To delete your account permanently, follow the simple steps below

  • Contact DoorDash customer support through [email protected]
  • Compose your email. On the subject bar, you can write “Deactivate my Account.”
  • On the email body, including all your account information and details and the reason for activating your account
  • Submit your request and wait for approval feedback from the DoorDash support team. The support team might take 2 to 5 days to get back to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions on DoorDash:

How long will it take for my DoorDash account to be removed from the system?

After submitting all your account credentials to the DoorDash support team, it might take up to 15 days for your account to be removed from the system. 

Can I use my account after applying for it to be deactivated?

You cannot use your account since it is under “temporary suspension” as it awaits action from the support team. 

Can I appeal after my account is deactivated?

You can appeal if you are confident your account was closed under unclear circumstances. However, it might take some time before your appeal is resolved. So it is better to try out other gig services like Lyf, Postmates, and Grubhub. 

Delete Payment Method From DoorDash Easy Way

The more information and knowledge you have about anything, the better. The same goes for DoorDash. There’s a lot to take in, especially if you’re new to the game, and it can be a wild ride. Deleting your payment method in DoorDash is a simple and direct process that doesn’t require contacting the help desk except for a few occasions like deactivating your account. We hope our article helped you get satisfactory answers to the question, “How do I remove payment method from DoorDash?

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