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How do I remove the Outlook account from Windows 10?

Best Answer:
  1. Select File from the upper left corner of the Outlook window.
  2. Select Account Settings Account Settings in the upper right corner.
  3. After that choose Remove from the drop-down menu.

How to Fully Remove an Email from Outlook – Windows 10


How do I remove my primary account from Outlook Windows 10?

Delete Outlook. Open the Start Menu. Go to Start and select Control Panel from the menu that appears. Select Mail from the drop-down list. In Account Settings, remove any secondary accounts. Then, erase the main account. Click Data Files in the lower right corner of your screen after removing all of the accounts.

How do I remove Outlook from Windows 10?
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Click the Apps option from the left-hand column and scroll down. Select Apps & Features from the drop-down menu. Locate Microsoft Office Desktop Applications from the list and select it. Click on the Advanced options link that appears to view additional options. Locate Outlook on the next screen and click Remove to reveal the Uninstall option.

How do I permanently delete my Outlook email account?
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Log in to your email account. Visit the following Microsoft page. Again, input your password. Use another email address or phone number to prove your identity. To confirm that you are no longer a member of this group, delete the account by following the steps outlined at the end of the process.

How do I remove the old Microsoft account from Windows 10?
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Start click Settings, then Accounts. Select the Microsoft account you want to delete and then click Remove. Then, Yes

How do I unlink my Outlook account?

Open the Settings menu. Select Manage Your Connected Accounts. After selecting Delete, move the cursor over the account you want to delete and then click it. Save is selected. You may remove an Outlook.com account after you’ve quit using it.