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How do I remove Viber from my computer?

Best Answer:
  1. Navigate a browser to the Control Panel.
  2. Open Programs and Features.
  3. In the list of installed programs.
  4. Click on Viber.
  5. Select Uninstall from this menu.

To completely remove Viber from your computer along with all its components, please follow the removal instructions step by step:

1. Uninstall Viber manually – find out how to do it here. 2. Remove leftover registry keys and values that still link to Viber via regedit (instructions) or using a program like CCleaner (however due to the large number of leftovers after removing the application via Control Panel’s “Uninstall” function, manual cleanup is recommended). 3. Delete leftover files and folders related to the app in C:\Program Files\Viber\ folder 4. Finally, clean your Temporary Internet Files [Help] 5. Restart your computer so changes take effect and repeat steps 1 -4 if the leftover files and registry keys still exist.

You can download Viber uninstall tool here. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the program are available for download. The tool is only compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems by the way. Note that said program might call itself “Uninstall Tool”, but in fact it’s Viber removal software made by Avast anti-virus provider. You can read a review of this particular app at HowToGeek blog – needless to say, Uninstall Tool is highly recommended after you remove Viber from your computer using our manual removal instructions above.

Alternatively, you can also use Revo Uninstaller – it’s a free uninstaller for Windows but the only downside is that it doesn’t provide any direct ways to remove the program.

How do I delete Viber for Mac? While there are no specific instructions, our blog assistant has a detailed Viber removal guide at her website. You can also read this article if you’d like to learn how to completely uninstall programs from your computer running on Mac OS X.

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How do I delete Viber from my Android device? I don’t want to use/keep it anymore! Simply go to Settings > Apps > tap over icon of Viber (you might need to long-press icon, then drag and drop) towards its name and then select Uninstall . That’s all you have to do, but if you want to find out how to manage the apps on your Android device, read this guide .

How do I delete Viber for BlackBerry? First of all, you need to go into Settings > Security and Privacy , then check the box next to Unknown Sources. Be aware that while downloading a new app from another source than Blackberry World might be a bit inconvenient, it is still safer than installing it directly from their official website. Once done, open up BB App World (or other app platform) and search for “Viber” – tap over its icon once found and press Uninstall . This works for both BlackBerry 10 OS and older versions of the operating system. To get rid of leftover files or folders, connect your device to computer through USB and run BlackBerry Link. In the sidebar on its left side look for Viber app – right-click over it and select Delete then confirm this action by pressing OK . Alternatively (assuming you have a backup of your data stored on your PC), you can find files related to Viber by going into C:\Program Files\BlackBerry\Application Loader and deleting everything from there.

How do I delete Viber from my Windows Phone? First of all, go into Settings > App manager , then open up Apps list (for some phones: Settings > Applications ) Find out what’s called “VIBER” in apps list and press Uninstall option when found The same goes for older versions of Windows Phone – here’s the article with step-by-step guide to uninstall programs from your phone.

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How do I delete Viber for my Samsung Android? Open Settings > Applications, then open up Programs list (Samsung Galaxy S5: Settings > Applications; some phones: Apps) Find out what’s called “VIBER” in apps list and press Uninstall option when found This should be it, but if you’d like to know how to manage your apps on your Samsung device, check this excellent article .

How do I remove Viber completely on Linux? Sadly there are no detailed instructions available for Linux users at the moment. The good news is that most of the programs work more or less similarly so you can still use all the uninstaller’s guides posted above. Some anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, for example, might have a dedicated button to remove unwanted apps from your computer. The program is also open source so there are millions of alternatives out there that you can try in case one program doesn’t work:

How do I uninstall Viber on my Windows PC? There’s a dedicated uninstaller program available for free from Microsoft. By using it, you can easily remove programs that you no longer need or want to keep on your computer. Visit official download page of Revo Uninstaller and click Download Now → Run → Yes button when asked → Next {button} {button}. Make sure Uninstall is selected in order to launch the actual program. Then find the list with installed software – click over Viber item until it turns red and then press Remove button found below the list. The process takes some time so please be patient! If Revo Uninstaller.

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How do I uninstall Viber from my Mac?

Head to the Launchpad and search for Viber. Press and hold the app icon until it starts to jiggle, then press the delete button in the pop-up dialog.

How do you deactivate Viber?

Open Viber on your phone.
Tap on More (Android) or More… (iOS).
Tap on Settings, Account and tap Deactivate account.
Enter your phone number and security code and tap Deactivate account again.. Tap the last button to confirm deactivation of an account

Will they know if I uninstall Viber?

Deleting Viber rather than deactivating it, makes it impossible for us to know if the user intends to reinstall Viber later or stop using it altogether.

How do I fix Viber on my Mac?

In System Preferences, Security & Privacy, ensure that Firewall is off, then open Viber and it should work. Turn on the firewall to see if Viber still works. If so, save the file and relaunch the app; you should find it will work again.